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Feeling quite a bit of pain today from a ton of yard work yesterday.  Understandable since Mars aggravates, rules sharp pains and is opposite Uranus which rules pain spasms.

I drew a quick card for current aspects, got bone collector.  Apt as Capricorn rules bones & Pluto is doing the metamorphose mambo in that house – and under a difficult T-Square with two very powerful planets.

My pain is located in my left knee (past/Capricorn) and right ankle
(future/Uranus).  Obviously, I am having trouble finding balance between the two.  Working on it…

On to The Bone Collector…
She is a great image, yes ?  Friendly and radiant in the desert of aged Capricorn – a wise sage who is both learned, quick & perceptive.
This card reminds us to break away from past conditioning, former wounds (Chiron Rx soon) and unlearn bad habits.

The truth is you are a powerful being with unlimited possibilities.

Be aware & work this in your favor.
The past doesn’t define you – YOU DEFINE YOU.


2 thoughts on “DeFINED

  1. Never thought of capricorn and uranus together or mars and uranus. Sounds interesting. I am new to astrology and to tarot. I scratch my head at many points, trying to figure it out.

    It is interesting how you can apply tarot and astrology to day to day things to gain spiritual perspective and growth. Growth comes from turning unconscious around to conscious.

    I adore that picture and also the name “Bone Collector.” It reminds me of an ancient blog from the nineties with great visual poetry. Bones are something you would see a fortune teller would throw on the table to read your fortune and look at the pictures. The word bone collector. To me it is about payment and death. Because something dies to have the bones, but having them you have the understanding. It is like the crow, or other kinds of animal, passage to the other worlds and back.

  2. Yes, the spirit totem, the stones and bones of the material world used to divine and walk between worlds. I love to use both tools to do so, broaden my perspectives.
    Many things of note in the pic I could not address over lunch – birds, wasp nest, rabbit and peacock.
    Peacock feathers are associated with resurrection – that would be Pluto as focal planet.
    Thank you, Cheers !

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