Throwing BOLTs

photo 61Elemental Tarot

Tien-Mu, Chinese goddess of lightning

Focus on Mars opposite Uranus, which I have been feeling for days.
Always good to get a jump on the vibrations on the dance floor, eh ?

The card above symbolizes yang/masculine, raw fire energy, initiation and conception.  All very Mars and Uranus – power outgoing !
New vitality coupled with curiosity and enthusiasm – the urge to succeed, willpower meets expressing yourself with originality and flair.
Possibilities of being blunt, rash, bulldozing your agenda, overzealous.

Mars is power, aggravation, men in peace talks with Uranus the rebel who shows up unexpected from the blind side – be cautious – both of others & yourself.  This is a genius creative aspect if the energies work together rather than clash.  <– You got Mars in Libra talkin’ there, yeah ?

photo 62Pluto in Capricorn with this card

Element: Earth
Planet: Moon

You may feel you have lost your way…be patient and a ray of hope will soon appear.

This card points to the entrance of Moon into Pisces where it will meet up with Neptune (confusion) and Chiron which can mean rough emotional seas, sensitivities that need to be addressed, purged, whateversextile to Pluto here – there is an opportunity to work it in your favor.  Process through dreams, poems, music, film, swimming, dance, painting – you get the idea.  Get your ART on !

Once Sun moves into Cancer on June 21, there will be a ray of light that will help dispel confusion, as Sun will begin to trine Neptune Rx from water to water, emotional harmony will grow at that time.

peace out
ps.  GoT finale tonight ! ! 

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  1. I linked to your blog in my most recent post because I really liked what you wrote here. Thank you! I think you really encapsulated the energies well!

    • Thank you Fiestaestrella ! I am glad you enjoyed it – first card drawn made me grin – so apt !
      Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you – finale 2x + discussion haaa !
      :::SoOo amazing:::
      Cheers !

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