deep six delta

Been feeling a bit rough and rocky of late . . . soOo I am grounding Neptuner via Deep six Delta waves in basement to restore vampy powah.  Lack of restful sleep and stressy Neptuner Venus oppositions are draining me.  Fresh bloood…I vant to bite chew.
Oh then there is that Pluto squaring my Saturn ruler thing and Venus on Uranus thing.  Tuning fork is twanging at the mo.

Mercury conjunct North Node in Scorp is code in my natal (my Merc is in Libra at MC; natal NN in Aries 4) for equal time :: darkness recharge.  Merc and Uranus have a tendency to be high-strung in any natal chart – and mine are elevated and active at the moment.

Correcting the balance is a life lesson for me.
The number 4 holds the key to my secret desire, which is stability.  Speaks volumes for a high-strung Virgo Sun /Uran / Pluto girl, yeah ?

Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorp is code for same – I need to lay down before I fall down.

I need primo earthing pronto !

posts on the morrow.
What does your North Node path tell you ?