I. missed. 60B.

Galactic_Core_by_UribaaniGalactic Core Uribaani

::::: Planet of awakening delivers oddball event :::::

Anticipating chaos, March 2012 Virgo Sun/Uranus/Pluto girl prepares for Mars/Uranus transit over natal chart ruler, Saturn Rx in Aries 3rd (which trines Sag Mars in 11).

Prepared for anything, I met my challenger face to face in the ring.

Had my olde Dodge Black Beauty greased, gassed, tweaked and balanced.
(Was sure transit would break BB down.)

Told all my siblings to be careful with blades, cars.
Was extra kind to my neighbors, boss.
Kept silent rather than provoke any arguments.
Wouldn’t go near my 6ft hedge with electric trimmers, let alone on top of the ladder.

Did my preparations help avoid disaster . . . ? 
Later, I heard someone in my family (younger, Mercury) got picked up by the cops, hauled out of state (my Mars in Sagittarius) due to a misunderstanding that was resolved quickly.  (My 3rd house Saturn trines Mars; beneficial)
Other aspects / transits in family charts also confirmed the positive energy outcome.

FoggyRoman Tarnavski

So tonight I could have obsessed over what will happen with freaky deaky Uranus stationing direct on my ruler, tweak my brain silly preparing for escape routes, but instead, I am very busy with work – so I let the cards here (in my lunchtime read) tell me what I could not see re: Uranus direct.
Ishtar, Venus, Mistress of Horses.
Venus behind the wheel.  Travel with advantage.

Yep. !
Lemme explain.
Swamped at work, seeing 5:55 on my way out the door was my first clue.

Ground snow, temps rose and we had Frogitty frog     F    O     G      on my way home.
Three errands, then home – Thirteen + years I have driven this road, I haven’t missed my exit.
Until tonight.

I. missed. 60. B. ?
oh ffs

Resigned to driving 14 miles outta my way, I grumble to the next dark ramp, exit into quiet, sleepy Pohdunk Central (corner of no +  where), gleefully turn for home (so I can finally, finally whiz) and am promptly greeted by: 

partys overOh look !   Party lights !

Joy ahem. I am given a lovely surprise (Gemini Full MoOoOon) paper document (Saturn in 3) that tells me I have a fine (There is the Ishtar Venus $$ connection)
for failure to STOP and need to greet my betters with offerings, pledges to do & be better, signed in triplicate.

Be better.  I swears it.

Travel to my advantage (cards) = a non-moving violation.
Honestly, that Jupiter /Sag energy is good for my Mars.
That was a sweet Ishtar gift, thank you.

May your Gemini moon travels
Uranus direct adventures
also deliver good fortune, laughs and peace of mind

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