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Dream Oracle Cards

Intent: High qi expression of Cancer Moon moving to trine Neptune, Chiron, best outcome for all.

1 Cancer Moon – Flood – Express the ocean of your emotion
2 Pisces Neptune – Fire – Take responsibility for your power 
3 Pisces Chiron – Doctor – Heal thyself.

Seems self-explanatory, yes ?
Card of Neptune Fire begins to make sense when we consider it is quincunx to our planet of expressing firepower, Mars.  Mars drives the whole natal chart forward.
The quincunx aspect forces change in altitude, habits, character between these energies.

Find your houses of Pisces, and Libra – make adjustments here.
Also find Mars and Neptune – make adjustments here.

Please note Neptune (spiritual love) is the higher octave of Venus (personal love) which rules Libra where Mars is having an extra long stay.

Contemplate this power of love, sensitivity and strength.
Own your power, your space, your actions.  
In stillness – effort is streamlined, swift, precise.

Please note Venus is nearing retrograde at which time she will navel gaze and reflect.

Saturday December 21, 2013 – Venus Rx 29 Capricorn
Friday January 31, 2014 – Venus Direct 13 Capricorn