Conquering Sun

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December 17
Full Moon Gemini 25 degrees  3:28am CST, USA

Uranus Direct 8 degrees Aries 11:40pm

Uranus direct delivers tension to all action oriented Cardinal signs 8 degrees +/- 5.

Libra is thrown into direct opposition or juggling energies with another.
Cancer and Capricorn feel the need to metamorphose themselves, inner struggles surface.  Home, work, family.

Opportunities are in the houses of Gemini and Aquarius – see where they land in your chart.  Flexibility, perspective shifts, genius invention, human connections.

Harmony is found in houses of fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius  Creativity, inspiration, GO !

Cards above, 
intent: clarity of purpose, straight to the point.  

What are we unable to see ?

Aakhut: Family of Fire: Asthoreth, Mistress of Horses
Also identified as Ishtar, the Goddess of love and beauty.
She controls four horses, or four elements.  She is a 7, capable of funneling spirit into the material world.  She directs the creative fire as she wills.
Mistress of Horses is conquering one’s enemies, sensual pleasure exalted, transformed into spiritual joy.  Travel for one’s advantage.

Spirit Crux
Duat: Family of Duat: Apep (Duat = what is below) Great Snake, Great Enemy
Darkest hours of the night, or spiritual darkness and horror that precedes illumination of sun or enlightenment.  
This card signals overcoming oppression, the surfacing of unconscious fears and memories that must be confronted.


1 thought on “Conquering Sun

  1. Love these public reads: they are multi-dimensional.
    Made to fit each and every one in some form or fashion.
    The astro is global; I set the intent for the card reading to global as well.

    I was mulling over what it meant for me personally this afternoon.
    Scorpio season this time was quite. the. slog.
    Held the thought cards were pointing towards passion plotting a course to victory.
    They may well be saying that too.
    In addition to this . . .

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