Specific 002Robin Wood Tarot

Curse of Capricorn Rising with Aries Saturn Rx in 3rd.
Uranus direct on said Saturn; Mars in Libra opposite.

My query . . .
Am I as good an astrologer as I think I am ?
Stop all your worrying.

Don’t misunderstand, I know there is plenty of room for improvement, I have so many books in my studio I want to pour over NOW, but I must work.
It has taken me a coon’s age (nearly one thousand posts) to find my sea legs, and I am still working out my backdoor Mars biz.  (In addition to some whammy fixed squares from the 8th.) 

I have realized what I enjoy – consequently do best – is popping theory, making connections, seeing sides, weaving a tapestry aka Mercurious Alchemy.
I love having fun with astrology and divination of all kinds.
I also love deep six psychological excavation. 

This post is for all those struggling to carve out their own path.
Just Keep Going – your path is Yours Alone.

It amuses me how the draw above is so obviously multi-faceted.
Saturnian worry meets Mars Q Uranus in 9. (My Saturn trines Mars)
Deep psychological astro meets the ridiculous. *
Complexity hidden in the Singular.
I am a teacher. (3)


postscript – How about that accidental Harry Potter reference ?! *  groovy

8 thoughts on “Specific

  1. Gneiss it’s good to be humbled and kept in check by our Saturn. It stops our egos getting away on us and prods us to keep learning. Astrology is endlessly fascinating and o.k. to admit we are still learning even as we generously teach others. I know I’ve barely scratched the surface and will keep learning for lifetimes yet. It’s one of the challenges I most love about astrology. It’s open ended just like the Cosmos.
    Following your site is like taking a voyage on The Dawntreader. Rich and full of Magic! You are a Magus, and your knowing goes further than book learning into the realm of intuitively nailing it. Prob. courtesy of your Mars Sag bow and arrow.
    Twins in my life? Yeh, 2 rowdy, hungry magpie babies that I seem to be constantly feeding.
    Happy Gemini full moon all! Bound to be some interesting signals coming through the Galactic Centre. Hey Ho!

    • herongrace, you are a peach ! Truly x
      I had a laugh after this because I was thinking…
      Well, Saturn transit conjunct natal Neptune will help nail down my Cosmic Tuner a bit for better reception – cool.
      Then I grabbed Hand’s transit book and read something akin to : you will be more depressed, self doubt likely :
      lol ! alllrighty then
      Eh well, Cap rising is melancholic as a rule, just shades of grey I suppose.
      Like the diff between Trekkies and Trekkers
      Minimal, if any.
      Happy Full Moon to you and your Bird clan !

  2. Yeh you were talking about that snow, that’s enough to depress anyone. Thank Goddess for Gregs. You never know when they might come in handy. There’s a lot of symbolism in those Egyptian cards to absorb. The recent photo [and extremely rare!] of snow on the Sphinx was incredible. The cards may be talking to us about harnessing and raising our energies to our higher selves going into this holiday season? People, take extra care driving too.
    Gneiss just follow your passion and you can’t go wrong! xx

    • Hey, just got home – thanks again for all the Mercurial Magick dust you sprinkled on my downer day.
      The sphinx tricked out in snow was weird, I have past life connections there it seemed so strange, very much like Odinsight.

      Wait till you hear my reply on Conquering Sun, sheesh.
      These Ura/Plu squares are wacky and weird – keeping me on my toes.

  3. Just read your last post. I think you were lucky in a way! Bast and Anubis protected you Gneiss! Was the sort of message I picked up from those cards. I’m pretty alert when I see 555! Has significance for me. Dude you and me were hanging out under the Sphinx good ol’ days of Anubis priesthood verrrry Old Kingdom. But right up there as far as civilization went.
    Glad you are home safe. Personally i don’t mind snakes which is just as well around here, I see them regularly, but the cards were a warning and not just for you but for us all, so everyone take care!
    Driving those chariots and having Big cats was a blast!

    • I do feel lucky.
      Saturn in Scorp is drawing out my poison – more thought, post forthcoming.

      I also note 555, (akin to Ganesh popping off wall) always heralds a shift, a clearing change. I dig the Egyptian vibe, drawn to study it. Horus energy is close to me, watching
      I welcome any and all insights others find through the cards, all experiences are unique . . .and welcome.

  4. Gneiss, I just thought I would share this as a post full moon symbol. Off on my early a.m. ramble to relocate another mouse caught in friendly trap, to the neighbours’. Back on my place and I see a fab moth fluttering on a log. My camera broke so no photos. It is a smoke tinged cream back, but with an amazing inverted orange, black striped butterfly design on it’s back! Also noticed some orange design underneath as well. Kind of like a Navaho pattern. So I looked up Animal Totems Dictionary and it says….
    “Moth teaches sensitivity to touch, smell, taste, intuition and physical/ spiritual awareness, along with heightening sound and vibrations in this world and others. Aids in the metamorphosis of your being” Cool hey?

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