birds of a feather

I’ve been thinking about Saturn, totems, time, family, promises and bonds.

Totem poles are carved to delineate family ancestry, clan history, folklore or real life, or to commemorate a particular individual.

A widespread hawk swooped down today as I was driving and landed in the median next to me.  (No, I am not going to tell you if he landed left or right – time in my life is fluid, in flux, always.)

We were in synch – hawk landed at the exact moment I passed – just as I was speaking my heart aloud.  Yes exact is the term I use because in that moment my words formed a bond.  Hard to explain, but messages from my brother are accentuated in hawks – hawk messages are exclamation points.

Hawks form a bridge between past and present.
Hawk was a manifestation of Grand Air Trine meets physical plane

My brother and Father recently visited in an intuitive reading, via Mercury, Pluto, and Sun in Capricorn….totems, time, family, promises and bonds.

I feel their presence, sometimes more than others, but then I feel your presence as I write this too.  You…yeah you !  My readers, wondering where I am leading you…and showing up regardless of the strange paths I takemany heartfelt thanks (deep bow).


So you are wondering why I speak of hawk, when a macaw greeted you at the door ?

Life is not so easily explained.

Many times the larger electro-magnetic spectrum is not apparent until the faceted human crystal is turned, attuned, Neptuned to the proper frequency.

What is said two years ago may not make sense until tomorrow.
 bird of the SUN, a Macaw, enlightens me
Is it You ?
Or is it Me ?
Most likely it is US.

Macaws are bold, colorful and Mercurial – they are very intelligent observers, mimics that communicate bird (Uranian) world – – to human (Saturnian) world.  The Macaw is a builder of bridges; an ambassador, a diplomat (Libra).  Clever and cheeky – they watch, pull pranks, turn jokes to delight and amuse. (Leo)

Macaws ARE portals between worlds.

Mercurial Macaws can also be repetitive copycats that speak without thinking.  Their words can be hollow, shallow, gossipy and twisted to be pleasing to the ear for a time, but not necessarily grounded, or in any way promisorial in nature.  Tricky pranksters that enjoy a leg – pull, they are master manipulators, who enjoy clowning around – not necessarily on any shared emotional time schedule, if you get my drift.

Macaws in my head are thinkbirdtankbrains : Mercury Uranus Libra and Leo.
Most importantly, the Hyacinth Macaws pictured above are red listed.
Thoughts ?


10 thoughts on “birds of a feather

  1. Lovely post. I have been seeing hawks at auspicious times as well. I am sleepy while reading this so drifting off nicely to this delightful song.

    • Thank you !
      I saw another hawk wings spread land right next to me (on my other side) today as well.
      Changes & signposts everywhere & when. This Macaw post is for someone near me, I was told Macaw will be with me for the rest of my life.
      Interestingly, my deceased brother was an Aquarian 3rd house stellium, so Mercurial peeps – on this side and the other – are stepping up to the plate for me, like you Perianne.
      You are such a gem !
      hee, soz bad pun – true though ! x

  2. Sometimes I’m so tuned in, I’m tuned out! I love the visits from feathered friends.. Reminder to keep our heads up and eyes open… In all worlds. 🙂

    • Yes, so true Suya !
      Animals allow us to see them – some energy / info needs to be exchanged between worlds when this happens.
      You are also one of these great peeps stepping up to the plate, you rock !
      Yes another bad pun, (so fun though). lol
      Infinite thanks x

  3. I live in the Australian bush and feed birds everyday and watch them and learn from them. They are my friends. I think it may have been the same day as this I happened to look up at the sky and a wedge- tailed eagle, big bird was gracefully circling around above me. They are a fairly rare sight. I have a cheeky green and red King parrot who comes into my house and looks at the feed bin when he wants a feed. I have a group of 6 of them. i have a noisy group of 6 sulphur crested cockatoos that feed in the eucalypts around my place.

    • I should add that I also have considered for some years now that Hawks have messages for me when 1 appears to me.

      • I am imagining all the color and wings . . . sounds fabulous & I love it that your King Parrot is cheeky ! That’s quite a flock of friends, very cool !

        Re: Hawks – Same here – they are all over the place for me this last 2 weeks, I will recount another story here later about a hawk message. Thanks for sharing yours !

  4. Colour and wings. The last 2 weeks or so i have had a flock of sulphur crested cockatoos visiting from early a.m.s eating something in my trees. About a week ago there was a big flock up to 30 birds, very noisy and flying all around here. They are big impressive birds and it was a fabulous spectacle.

    • Wonderful ! Do you take photos ? I looked up your bird – gorgeous !
      So glad you commented to this bird totem post – I saw what looked like a vulture (strange neck, not long enough for a heron) in shadow on my left this am, on my way to work . . .going to grab my books and look it up !
      Vulture is life death & rebirth, also mother. Timely with current astro: Cancer Sun opp Pluto squ (focal) Uranus T-Square. cool.

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