burn, baby burn


AlchAlchemical Tarot Renewed

Quick read on the energies for highest manifestation

1. Two of Staffs, Fire = Venus trine Saturn : Flames of Hermes and Aphrodite combined, united passions (2)

2. Nine of Staffs, Fire = Mercury/Sun square Mars : Grey wolf burned in a fire (to reclaim the King he swallowed) a necessary sacrifice, a culmination of passion, FYI: next pip is phoenix (9)

3: Lady of Staffs, Fire = Last two hits of Uranus square Pluto : Doing the Dance of the New in the hot, dry desert ! !

Obviously we are ! hot to trot to create !  with Lots of Leo energy & Mars amping up Scorpio.  Venus trine Saturn acts as bit of grease to the mental work wheel of Mercury & Sun & Jupiter. Square Mars.  Make your work playful to take the edge off.  Do work you love, if at all possible, or bring love to what work you are doing.  Also a lovely heads up that passion and groovy positive messages are on the UP with incoming Uranus/Pluto squares as Lady acts as Page.

This reading pleases me greatly.  I am working my ass off, if you see me disappear from here, it means I am working job 1 (6/wk) or mowing my yard or something of that nature is keeping me from here – because I love being here, exploring energies.  As a side note, Saturn direct sends it back over my Scorpio Neptuner in 11, my ankle pain is worsening again, if my work here decreases a bit, that would be why.

Mercury into Leo, Frank Herbert, et. al. (You know who you are.) up asap.

Also, I love this deck, seems apt for my Alchemical tagline, yes ?  You can see Robert Place, the creator of this deck in the supernatural tarot vid narrated by Christopher Lee on a prior post here (see comments).  He can also be found by clicking on the Alchemical link above.  He is a tarot historian, I highly rec !  I have yet to read here with my vampire deck, (he also created) but drew Mina (Priestess) for myself at first go (also pleased me greatly).

I will read with it here eventually, perhaps now that Mars is into Scorp !
Have a good day all. . .more at lunch (?) . . .