Fuel for Your Fire

FullSizeRender 4Tarot of the Origins

Quickie insight for Pisces Mars bookended by Neptune and Chiron.
Clarity of insight into sublime healing for all my readers.

Environment of Blood:
Man with meat on the fire, feeling satisfaction for the meal he is about to prepare.
The end of hunger.  Satisfaction that accompanies a job well done.

Mars in Pisces is by nature: stealth, scattered and sensitive.
Food fuel is not all that feeds us.
Situations, places and people also feed us by producing an energy exchange.  Note if you are feeling well fed and energized after all encounters/exchanges.

Mars in Pisces requires a steady supply of monkish activity – sleeping, swimming, artistic pursuits – all actively enhance quiet contemplation, keep the personal energy flowing well.

Where is your refuge ?
Where are you able to rest and digest aka recharge your energy safely ?

This card also speaks to me of the material body processing what it needs to live and live well.  A carnivorous diet adds earth element, keeps the body grounded – know that going in – perhaps that is what you are looking for.

Energy that would be otherwise be used for the higher energy spectrums/chakras becomes busy with digestion.  Intuition is not as clear/concise/crisp as when our energy is being used in the digestive lower realms. Know this going in.

Regardless of fuel, give thanks for all energies received and bless them via ceremony of your choosing as you interact with them.  All energies teach us.

FullSizeRender 5
Spirit card aka insightful messages dealt from the bottom of the deck.  The underlying theme of the question.

Animal of Nature:
A monkey opposes a man – represents centuries of evolutionary process, the results of culmination.  A need to recharge, a rest period.

What vibrational energies will lead you to your greatest evolutionary growth ?
Mercury Rx opposing Jupiter Rx, the higher mind, supports this intellectual exploration.
Note also Uranus on South Node of Destiny is shifting away from the past that no longer serves us.

Gneiss Moon

Sniffing the Corpse

Thanks to my friend Jon who is a plant /cacti freak for introducing me to the Amorphophallus titanium plant.  It’s greek for amorpho = misshaped, phallus = phallus, titanium = giant… and um, what’s greek for purple…!?

What follows is an exerpt from the handout given at the conservatory:

It grows in the shady rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia.  It is a member of the aroid family, Araceae.  Other members of the family include the calla lilly.  It is an underground corm that can reach up to 200 pounds.
For the first years of it’s life it produces a single leaf.
Then after growing for seven to ten years, pouring carbohydrates back into the corm, the bunga bungkai, or corpse flower is produced.

The male and female flowers (see knobby brown bits in my pix) are found at the base of the spadix, safely surrounded by the spathe (that’s the purple lettuce-like bit).   The plant produces two heavy sulpher based compounds that are not easily airborne.  The plant heats up to about 100 degrees, ( how cool is that ?! ) to volatilize these compounds making them airborne to attract pollinators from a longer distance.  The spathe turns purple resembling rotting flesh.
[Too bad this blog isn’t smell-o-vision or scratch ‘n’ sniff  !!  You just gonna have to trust me, the spathe unfolded today and I could smell it from around 4 feet.  I got a good snort of the inside too- HA and yep ! – smells like rotting flesh !  *Odor-rific *  How cool is Mama Nature to have made this freaky flower !? It’s amazing !!]
So much energy is produced on flower then seed production that the flower only remains open for about 48 hours.  After the two day period, the flower will slowly collapse.  If the plant is not pollinated it will go dormant and grow another leaf in another 4 to six months.  If it is pollinated ( it is believed to be pollinated in the wild by carrion beetles and flesh flies), the pencuncle will remain upright and it will take nine months for the seed to mature.
Check out this quickie 3 card tarot spread I pulled a few minutes before I saw this freaky flower – is hilarious and spot onClick here !