Mirror Woman

Michael Whelan

Splendid astro at the moment, yes ? 

Mercury conjunct Sun in (out of sign) trine to Jupiter Rx in Gemini.
Thinking, thinking, re-thinking.

Venus / Pluto squares Moon / Uranus.
Intellectualizing love scenarios, retail therapy, creative urges, brainstorming in the nooks and crannies of the brainpan, drawing maps to splitsville, flying in the free agent stratosphere.

Saturn within orb of sextile to Pluto.
Mutual crash and burn purge fest.  Suck it up and streamline sweetheart.   Brain candy  goes green leafy and healthy, new paradigms shifts into focus – warp speed.
Wants are outdated – needs are the NOW.

So many people are cropping up in my path lately to hold up a mirror – I am seeing my past lives – my past selves in the lives of others and Whoa What an Eye Opener.

History: my folks were both Capricorn Suns, Scorpio Moons with Mars in the 7th.
Power control freak wattage: eight zillion.

It was their dynamic – it took one 7th house Mars to tolerate the other one.

I grew up living in a war zone of continual bickering – if it gets boring, just add liquor, *poof* – instant knock-down drag-outs !  This Cap rising was silently ticking off the seconds, entertaining scenarios of freedom.

Everybody wanted the shiny scepter but me – I just wanted OUT.

I am Sun/Uranus/ Pluto conjunct; Pluto, Venus/Jupiter in the 8th. 
Strong.  I had to be.  No other chart would have made it through that BS.
 Yet I have a biggie Neptuner opposite Toro Moon – I cannot tolerate yelling.
Sensitivity high.
Opera ?
Forget it.

At one time, I disregarded astrology, I thought it was total BS for the weak-minded and weak-willed – I thought astrology freaks needed constant direction to guide them.  Seemed kind of chicken shit to me…but then many years later, I (of course) wanted info on a dude, so I learned it.

Once I learned astrology and applied it to my family – it was a DONE DEAL  astrology is amazingly accurate – I see the whole world differently, through the lens of energies in play, or in arguments with, one another.

Pluto strong in the natal always means POWER STRUGGLES.
Power vs. PowerLESS


Sadly, I left home and repeated the above scenario.
I found a hothead and married him.
  It is common – take heed and learn young ones.
I fell for a Sexy Scorp Rising Super Sag packin’ a Stellium in the 2nd house – that’s Toro for newbs.  He could be fun and zen as all get out – but if he had a meltdown, whoa you had better start runnin’.  He has a chart filled with squares [internal tension waiting to snap] and our synastry was difficult [filled with squares] . . .
which I know. Now.  Could have used that info earlier.
So who is the mirror you are wondering . . . ?
I was working with a man and a woman over the holidays.  She was quiet and gentle, he was, quite frankly, a dick.   Bossy, rude, demanding – he was snapping and barking orders at his wife, at me, all the while in a room full of people.   Now, I get paid to take money and serve, (such a dutiful Virgo, yes ?) and I do it well, like it or not.  I was sweet as can be to Mr. Dickhead, all the while thanking my lucky stars he would be gone after a few minutes of growling, grouching and grunting.  I was jumping and hopping to finish it up quickly and get rid of him and his creepo ugly energy.  His wife was hopping because it was their dynamic – he shouted – she jumped.  Simple as that.

I’ll tell you what – his wife and I made eye contact – and the universal space-time continuum morphed one moment into an eternity.
I looked at her, and she at me, and WE KNEW each others thoughts.
She knew and I knew – her actions, her eyes were telling me everything / vice versa – ALL downloaded in a nanosecond.
She was living the life of the emotionally battered.  The life I once led.
Been there.
Won’t go back.

This woman saw in my eyes the serenity I have found, my peaceful life of freedom, the happiness I chose to embrace – she saw the joy of independence unfold in my eyes, she saw me released from the subjugation of a smothering, domineering relationship.

I let her see it in my eyes I needed her to see it.
I revealed my understanding, my acceptance, my kinship – I offered her hope, strength, love and peace on her journey.

This post is for you, My Magnificent Mirror Woman. 
It is also for you, reader, if you need it.

May you find your path.
May you embrace happiness and serenity.
My your inner fires of strength and regeneration always flame brightly.

The Goddess in me greets the Goddess / God in you.
Yes, I still struggle with Pluto too.  Read here.

4 thoughts on “Mirror Woman

  1. Excellent post. And yes, splendid astro, for a change! I too am choosing to embrace my happiness and my (sometimes) peaceful life of freedom.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you Cynthia. Glad you are embracing happiness, I am as well.
      Change is in the airwaves – better to embrace it I keep telling myself – my Toro Moon and Saturn Rx (ruler) are in metamorph change UP status at the mo. Two planetary energies that would rather not change are cracking like eggs and opening up to new worlds. Towanda !

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