Wandering Wind

Long waited wind – Jdmwu

Sunday 19
Mercury into Aquarius 1:25am CST, USA
Sun into Aquarius 3:52pm

Intellect and social interaction takes center stage as Aquarius Sun and Mercury sextile Uranus in Aries – opportunities for higher octaves of communications are primo.  Energy will likely be zinging all over the shop. 

Sun and Mercury will also enter into a trine with superconscious, visionary long distance thinker Jupiter Rx in the dual communication sign of Gemini.  Great time to brainstorm (Jupiter Rx indicates massive thinking on the internal plane) action plans towards a brighter future.  Be gentle with yourself, be positive.

All that intellectual air needs to ground to be truly workable – channel Venus and Pluto in Cap, and Zen Toro Moon.

Moon into Taurus 7:36pm Friday CST, USA
Toro Moon enters Taurus, squares Sun, Mercury, trines Pluto, Venus – opposes Scorpio Saturn.  Primo for surprise comms, clarity re: feelings, and re-adjustments/ streamlining.
Monday 21 Moon into Gemini 8:04am