Teachin’ & Preachin’

Dolly Parton
Isn’t she lovely ?  The best thing – she is lovely inside and outside.
Being a polarity freak, I love the quote below…

MOYNIHAN: Do you pray?  (Interview Magazine in full)

PARTON: Yes, all the time. As a child I was scared to death of hellfire and brimstone, but I loved to sing. Out of that I started to remember the things that really stuck in my mind, and I think that’s followed me through the years, things like “Through God, all things are possible.” I just remember the positive. I just thought, “I can’t deal with this shit. There cannot be a God that is that mean and cruel, and if there is then I’m too afraid to deal with Him anyway.” So I had to decide who I was, and what God meant to me. I feel that sin and evil are the negative part of you, and I think it’s like a battery: you’ve got to have the negative and the positive in order to be a complete person. I used to punish myself a lot for things I felt, and then I’d just say, “Well, if it’s wrong for me to feel this why do I feel it?” I used to have a lot of problems with all the stuff I felt. One of the songs on the jukebox in Rhinestone has the line, “Torn between two lovers,” and I’m thinking how I could have written that song.  See, to me it’s how you deal with it yourself.

I will always love Dolly, she has such a great attitude !  She obviously digs the hair (wigs) and makeup, but she has a big heart of gold to match the big hair and boobs. Another great saying of hers:
“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

My niece has been getting books for her daughter from Dolly’s Imagination Library, and my sister recently was part of a local fund raiser for it as well.  Dolly’s mission is to foster a love of reading among preschool children and their families by providing them with the gift of a specially selected book each month, regardless of their family’s income.  Like I said, she’s a sweetheart of a lady.

Just looked, we have good synastry, no wonder I like her so much.  Cute.  I have to relay a story, the closest I have ever been (besides watching 9 to 5 a gazillion times) is when I was detoured on the way to Asheville to see some friends.  I got shot through Gatlinburg and Pidgeon Forge – drove by Dollywood and all the homespun crafts like ribbon candles and frilly easter dresses for little pageant queens.  I stopped for gas and saw some Dolly Lollies (lollipop busts – by that I mean head / upper torso). I bought all they had ( which was like two, lol.,obviously a popular item ) for my bluegrass buddies.  hilarious, I  couldn’t resist !  You know, Dolly has such a great sense of humor, I bet she’d get a kick out of it !

Happy Birthday Dolly !

Dolly is Virgo rising, Capricorn Sun, Virgo Moon in the 12th.
Sometimes I like to pop the chart pic in because it is so immediately telling.  Dolly has similarities to Bruce Lee by way of big active T-Square energies.  Bruce has metamorphic Pluto as focal planet; Dolly has bigger than life, optimistic Jupiter as focal planet.  Interesting…they are both obviously very powerful people yet in totally different ways.

Jupiter rules preachers & teachers (university teachers especially).

Check this from Interview Mag above.
WARHOL: You could be a great preacher.
PARTON: What do you mean? I am a great preacher.

Jupiter in 3rd house of siblings in Venus-ruled Libra and obviously Dolly is a beauty, who digs the girly girl stuff.  She also was one of 12 kids, six of whom were born at home in a two-room cabin in Sevierville, Tennessee.  She grew up poor, but surrounded by love and family.  She knows the meaning of an honest days work – check out all the Capricorn in the creative 5th house !

Mercury, Vesta (hearth and home fires – think all she has built in Pidgeon Forge, TN) Venus and Sun at the culmination degree of 29 Capricorn.  Sun and Venus in the 5th – creative and FUN !   She plays her 5th house cards like a pro.  Amusement park (5th house is fun, Capricorn builds) complete with music and family (Cancer) fun aka Dollywood – even the name (Mercury) she chose is poking fun at her image – Love her ! 

Travelling Jupiter squares Cancer, the house of home – her artistic career has taken her far from her beloved Tennessee, though she in 1974 formed her own “Travelin’ Family Band”, made up largely of siblings, cousins and other family members.  Dolly’s husband of 46 years, Carl (Saturn conjunct Mars) has been a steady force in her life, she met him the first day she went to Nashville.

You can check ‘Jolene’, the video down below for her Juno conjunct Jupiter focal point experience.  Juno was Jupiter’s wife, in the natal, she indicates what you are ‘bound to’ – pro and con.  She is marriage, attitudes about it; also danger of being a spurned wife, loss of freedom.  Mars conjunct Saturn in the sign of family – ? – Dolly’s got that one locked down tighter than a jug.  I wouldn’t want to get on her wrong side with that conjunction in the 11th house of Aquarius – you cross her family and you’ll get a live one, that’s for sure !

Capricorn and Cancer are signs of success – making money and keeping it – they are notoriously tight with their money, though I have found when they do spend, it is top of the line quality.  Built to last, you could say – and with all that Capricorn, Dolly’s creations have staying power.  Capricorn Venus shows she is guarded, but very loyal and true to those she loves, time only strengthens the bonds.

Uranus in Gemini 10 trine Neptune 2; Toro at MC makes for an unsually  powerful  communicator through music – she teaches the value and power of of love over the power and value of money.  Chiron in 2nd quintile Pluto in Leo – creating her rags to riches (wound/ healing/ teaching/philosophy) story through creative chutzpah !  Note the 29 degree North Node as well, this is a culmination degree and indicates an unforgettable communicator of long-lasting power.

So now the mysterious bits … Dolly has been famous since well, ever – she started on the Porter Wagoner show in ’67.  She has been married 46 years, and we know her husband’s name is Carl – but not a man of the spotlight, obviously – I have no idea what he looks like, do you ?  I doubt it.  She keeps that close to the vest – she is bigger than life, made up for the public / cameras, but her home life is off limits.  That is clannish Cancer for ya, especially with Moon (rules Cancer) in the 12th.  Privatecy paramount.
(Yes, a Madeline L’Engle word that I love)

Moon is in Virgo, Mercury ruled – which also rules Gemini in the 10th, what we do know of her life is in the songs she writes.  Her poor childhood is shown by Neptune (can indicate suffering) in the 2nd house of earned money – she writes of the lack of money but a wealth of love.  Venus energy coupled with Neptune is exalted – a sensitive pure love that seeks transcendence.

Cancer types can spin you a yarn to the Moon and back, they historically are the storytellers by the campfire peeps.  They are the keepers of family traditions – they pass their yarns from generation to generation from parent to child to grandchild to great grandchild across the ages of times their stories become legendary, iconic.

Dolly has written over 3,000 songs.  Three thousand songs.  That’s about a song a week since birth.
fyi: She started songwriting officially with Combine Publishing at 18 years old, but was on the radio singing by age 9.  WoWsers.

Uranus in Gemini (dual, many) on the 10th trine Neptune (music; in Venus-ruled Libra) which trines Capricorn Sun in 5th (family pride).  She wore her coat of many colors proudly !

She has Sun quintile Lilith (bitch goddess first wife, who refused to be subservient to Adam), Lilith trine Mars conjunct Jupiter in Cancer.  So interesting !  She is well known for being all trussed up in big wigs, tons of make-up, she loves dressing flashy and trashy – and cracking jokes about it  – but make no mistake – Dolly is one smart, tough cookie !
She is sweet as sugar, but she also does exactly. what. she. wants.
For the record when I say Lilith the bitch goddess I mean: Bitch = Being In Total Control of Herself

“I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes, because I know I’m not dumb…and I also know that I’m not blonde.”  awesome.

When Colonel Parker (Elvis’ greasy honcho) wanted Dolly to sign over half of the publishing rights to “I Will Always Love You” (the song she wrote for Porter) in order for to Elvis record it – Dolly flat-out refused, making her many millions of dollars in royalties from the song over the years.  Snap !

Last thing, Moon conjunct ascendant – anything conjunct ascendant is a powerful indication of how others see you.

Virgo, smart savvy communicator.
Moon is feelings, femininity, and I gotta go there – it is also Boobs.
Sextile Jupiter – BIG Boobs.

Happy Birthday Dolly ! 
We love you !

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  1. I love it and her. Of course I would as a fellow Virgo Ascendant. I used to play 9-5 to get me jiving along when I walked first thing in the morning. Now I have restarted that ritual I will have to put it back on my i-pod. Makes me laugh every time and is a nice defiant way to start the day.

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