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Martin Clark

“The clouds are nature’s poetry, and the most egalitarian of her displays, since everyone has an equally fantastic view of them.
Clouds are for dreamers, and their contemplation benefits the soul. Yet their beauty is so everyday as to be in danger of being overlooked …”

The Cloudspotters Guide, by Gavin Pretor-Pinney
Founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society
Note: All pics here are from CAS, follow the links for artists
is greek for air (aero) divination (manteia)
Divination from air or from atmospheric substances – such as clouds, rainbows, lightning storms, wind – anything in the atmo.
Neptune rules clouds and divination.
To practice aeromancy, think of a question . . . lay back in the grass . . . relax . . . let your mind wander  . . . let your stream of consciousness flow . . . free associate . . . signs and shapes in the clouds will reveal your answer.

Kevin GerienColin Fraser & Maggie Carson

 “… our fundamental nature of mind is a luminous expanse of awareness that is beyond all conceptual fabrication and completely free from the movement of thoughts.It is the union of emptiness and clarity, of space and radiant awareness that is endowed with supreme and immeasurable qualities.From this basic nature of emptiness everything is expressed; from this everything arises and  manifests.”

– Tibetan teacher Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche describing Buddha Nature

Andrew Kirk

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