I always get major brain downloads when I am driving and/or mowing the yard.
Mars (the blade) in Sag trines my Saturn in 3rd house (short commutes); quintiles my Uranus in 9 (walking).

So I am thinking Uranus square Pluto – Shaman square Wizard.

We have all we need right here.
Fire – Aries
Earth – Capricorn
Air – Uranus
Water – Pluto

Not to mention Cardinal Cross is Across
Aries – Fire
Cancer – Water
Libra – Air
Capricorn – Earth

Robin Wood Tarot

Intent for todays read:
What we need to focus on while magickally using ALL the elements, ALL the signs of seasonal changes at our backs as we move toward the perfected square and the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Look who shows up…

RobinWoodTarot-HighPriestessHigh Priestess is the Yin Magician, the void.
Mars Rx in Libra is Fire in Airwe actively THINK our way out of the box BEFORE we ACT on any decisions we make – we navel gaze as the moon grows dark.
Venus rules navels – 2 eclipses + Mars Rx all Venusian; Venus is in Pisces, exalted.

What is ending with FULL BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE ?  What will be born with NEW MOON in Taurus ?

This birth is hidden, veiled, even from ourselves.  Eclipses bring intense speed, fluctuations.  As we approach New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 29th, our insight sharpens – we focus our intent + manifest.

These eclipses highlight Love, Money, Artistic and Partnership realms.

Below is the High Priestess I pulled, from the Mary-El tarot.  She wears a shield, grows roots into the earth, she has antennae – very spiritually attuned, she rises from the Temple of the Subterranean Waters on a Full Moon with a lotus blooming in the mud at her feet.  Master of internal seas – she is a healer, a psychic, a dreamtime visionary.

photo 43High priestess is the hymen priestess (barrier shifts, elasticity), guardian of the gates between life and death – the hidden wisdom beyond the veil.  She shadows and shades, creates mystery – perceptions unused in broad daylight are sharp, heightened.  Instincts rule the night.

She is the unknown, a contrast to certainty – she goes with the universal flow.
She is the darkest of nights before the dawn.

Priestess speaks of the spirited female who will not be subservient to the male yang principle. She is Lilith, first woman bitch goddess who refused to lie below Adam in biblical Genesis.  She is knowledge, temptation, darkness, chaos, destruction, death – vilified as serpent.
This gives rise to thoughts of the unsullied, the unbroken.  Spirit may rise and fall, like the tides and phases of the moon, but spirit is not ever, truly, forever broken. 

Foil to yang Magician, she is the dark night that gives birth to the day – coupled, they form the primordial universe.

Priestess symbolizes that which remains hidden, but will eventually come to light.
She indicates a time of deep reflection, following inner guidance, tapping the ancient source of spirit from the well within.

photo 44Message from Spirit:

Lilith, logic and lungs unite – knowledge of good and evil, first breaths of free will.
Enlightenment and redemption of thoughts after the fall from One.  Born locked in a prison of flesh and desire, we grow aware, learn, seek our exalted destiny through hard work and self-reflection.

Two of Swords rises to create through intelligence and communication, the highest art form of earthkind.  Two of swords is the airy space between heaven and earth that is filled with thoughts and flight – very Uranian !   

Words and thoughts have wings – be careful what you wishbone for.
Intelligent creative manifestations via language – temperance, transformation.
Brainstorms in your inner landscape leading to new altitudes and peace of mind.

Be fierce, clear a space your future can grow in.
Be specific
in your new moon intentions, but not overly – give them room to breathe and grow.

peace out

swell foop

Crystal Saga – Moebius

May 9

Venus into Gemini
10:03am CST, USA

New Moon In Taurus
7:28pm CST, USA

New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse 
in Taurus at 19 degrees
9:55pm CST, USA

Visibility here. Here (NASA), and here.

May 21 Uranus Pluto Square exact
Uranus at 11 degrees Aries
Pluto Rx at 11 degrees Capricorn

Hey everyone – ok, wow this one has been a doozy.  We are in the middle of 3 eclipses: 1st eclipse was in Scorp, 2nd in Toro, 3rd in Sag.  While the square between Uranus Pluto heats up.  Whadda ride, yah ?!

This one has kicked my ass to the curb and then some.  Pluto Rx is now grinding down on my Cap ASC, Virgo Sun/Ur/Plu and my ruler, Saturn Rx.  So I’ll be digging in and setting plenty of New Moon intentions like everyone else.  Beauty of my natal Toro Moon it trines Pluto so yeah, gonna kick the intentions / regeneration / reboot up a notch with some ritual.  Natal chart of a friend coming soon then I disappear awhile get my Queen of the Swamp on.

Venus into Gemini is chatty, bubbly, vivacious and flirty – all communications and perceptions vibe more charming, sensual and harmonious.

Savvy New Moon goals – Clear energies (plethora of energy clearing info here) during last part of dark moon prior to New Moon.

At New Moon or just after – PoP your intentions into the UNIVERSE and to full they will grow with the Moon.  Note next Full moon is in Sagittarius and that means EXPANSION of HORIZONS.  < ~  THINK BIG !  HAVE FAITH !

Sagittarius Expansion Full MoOon May 25
11:10am CST, USA

Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius

Emotional expansion looms large – think intuition, compassion and delving deep via enthusiastic exploration.  Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius is surely a test of faith, expansion in love, money and philosophical communications with a bent toward healing via fellowship. Ego and work will be hardcore shifts on this one – strange alliances will be your emotional redemption.

Happy Eclipsing and May the Force be with You