Hermit Crab Homes

Serious lack of privacy, but very Cancer Moon
Moon rules Cancer 4th
midnight and retiring into privacy
Cancer also rules glass

Planets under the horizon in the natal chart
are off or want off
public display
planets above the horizon
are ON display


With my natal Moon in Toro 4
I feel the need for a
cave dwelling dark vampy type womb space
batik curtains when drawn
look like stained glass when the sun is out
a good friend told me
your home feels like a pocket
– exactly –
(to use a Madeleine L’Engle term)

Tokyo, Japan

this triggers high anxiety
I don’t even like my picture taken.
The idea of living here freaks. me. right. out.

What do you think Cancer peeps ?
Could you live in the swank architectural design glass home ?

peace, GMA