Did this reading in the middle of the checklist / countdown.  Like everyone else on the planet watching, I wondered what was going through Felix’s head pre-jump.

Dude is a primo superfly Toro ZEN MASTER.  Redbull sponsors, perfect.

Check out this reading !

Q: What is his status – specifically – how does Felix feel at the moment ? 

Wait is over, things are moving quickly.   Fruition of a long – held dream, love is pouring in from all sectors.

How cool is this ? : The LOVE of jumping *crowns* him.  As well as the fact everyone on earth watching is sending massive positive vibes his way ! 
 He is a Toro, Venus (love) rules and he was feeling it !

Fool is the literal jumping off the edge of the capsule – at the time of this reading, that was still in his future.  Nine of wands – he’s CONFIDENT.  He’s studied, prepped, practiced – he’s ready.

Six of swords, love that ! …  a journey to the next stage… he is surrounded by prayer and good vibrations, and command central is in constant contact – guiding him.  Also the sky, the atmosphere, the invisible realm he was jumping into.

Priestess is the unknown outcome, the hidden ? how will it go ? is yet to be revealed.

Outcome – Star.  Perfect !
SPACE jump that makes him FAMOUS.
HOPE and also the WoW factor.
Look, SEE and FEEL what is humanly possible when we work hard, work together and DREAM BIG.  
Shifting balance between two worlds: EARTH and SKY.

Spirit card: Lovers shows the same balance.  Lovers also shows the dynamics in his chart transits.  Venus (balance, public – 7th house of others) is applying square to his natal Mars in Sagittarius which trines his natal Venus in Aries.  (Public watching his daring feat.)  Publicity is also Jupiterian, (his Mars is in Sag on the decan of Jupiter) so this fits the bill – public interviews galore on the way… see his mini astro read here

Also indicating breaking a world record is Uranus Rx applying to his natal Chiron / North Node conjunction in Aries.

(in short: when Chiron was discovered : conjunction between the Moon’s North Node and Pluto (transformation of destiny / public / feelings of public) in Libra also a conjunction between Mercury and Sun (records, fame / public) in Libra. Venus was also in Libra.)

peace out space trippers


Felix Baumgartner is an Austrian skydiver and a BASE jumper. He is renowned for the particularly dangerous nature of the stunts he has performed during his career. Baumgartner’s current project is Red Bull Stratos, where he plans to jump to Earth from a helium balloon in the stratosphere.

Baumgartner has been working with a team of scientists to attempt the highest sky-dive on record. The project, which is scheduled see Baumgartner jump 120,000 ft – or 36,600 miles – from a helium balloon, before free falling then parachuting to Earth.

If successful, Baumgartner will break the sound barrier on his descent, becoming the first human to do so without vehicular power.

fyi: The speed of sound is the distance travelled during a unit of time by a sound wave propagating through an elastic medium. In dry air at 20 °C (68 °F), the speed of sound is 343.2 metres per second (1,126 ft/s). This is 1,236 kilometres per hour (768 mph), or about one kilometer in three seconds or approximately one mile in five seconds.  Holy %*$&^%# that’s fast !

A successful jump will also result in Baumgartner breaking three more world records—the highest manned balloon flight, the highest altitude jump, and the longest time in free fall. The free fall (until the parachute is pulled) is expected to last between five and six minutes, with total jump (until contact is made with the ground) expected to last approximately ten minutes.

The jump is currently postponed after the scheduled launch on October 9, 2012 was aborted due to “gusty winds”.
Delayed twice –
The next window for launch begins on 14 October.  

Launch progress here.

Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon.
 Uranus Rx at 0 degrees Libra, a sensitive Cardinal degree- making Uranus even more hot to trot to upset the apple cart.

Saturn at 28 Aries (decan of Jupiter) is the apex or finger of god in a Yod.

Saturn is quincunx Virgo Jupiter and zero degree Uranus in Libra – in addition to Neptune Rx in late Scorpio.  The sextile is between Neptune :::: Uranus, and his Jupiter Pluto conjunction in late Virgo.  A quincunx requires adaptation and improvisation  – Saturn is taking all the heat of the outer planet heavy hitters !

Neptune rules sky, Saturn rules falling (diving).  As the apex of the Yod –  Saturn needs release – intense Neptune / Uranus, Jupiter release.
His drug of choice is a heady weird falling rush :: far – out ( his Mars is in Sagittarius in trine to Venus in Aries: fire to fire WoOo HoOo) power sports. ::  With Saturn in a house ruled by Mars on the decan of Jupiter- his history making jumps are action packed and they have got to BE BIG !

So I am thinking, a sonic boom happens when the sound barrier is broken won’t he nearly go deaf ?  So I had to look up sonic boom.  Sound waves travel behind the object.

It is a common misconception that only “one” boom is generated during the subsonic to supersonic transition, rather, the boom is continuous along the boom carpet for the entire supersonic flight.
As a former Concorde pilot puts it, “You don’t actually hear anything on board. All we see is the pressure wave moving down the aeroplane – it gives an indication on the instruments. And that’s what we see around Mach 1. But we don’t hear the sonic boom or anything like that. That’s rather like the wake of ship – it’s behind us.

This oughta be good – I am staying tuned to this one !
peace out peeps

Note: When I create solar charts ( when an exact birth time is unavailable ) I use Noon.
 I split the difference equally – it tends to be more accurate for Moon placement.  Some astrologers use what is called a sunrise chart with Sun rising in the first house.

If Felix was born between midnight and 7:30am he would be a 29 degree Aries – if born after 7:30am (6:30am UT) he is a 0 degree Taurus.
In short : there is a 7 hour window in which he is 29 Aries; a 17 hour window in which Felix is 0 degree Taurus.
Uranus is at 0 degrees Libra regardless what time of day it is on 4/20/69.