be an abacus

Capsule Hotel, Toyko

Claustrophobia is listed as Uranus/Neptune ruled .  Confined, imprisoned – panic sets in, so emotionally yes. Physically seems to me Mercury/Saturn – buried in small spaces.

Some of my folks would go onto an absolute panic – I would be okay as long as my thoughts didn’t stray towards fault lines and that sort of thing, lol.
All in a day’s work – economy & efficiency – ultra Japanese.

I was watching the doco Happy before shut-eye last night. Studies show that Japan is one of the least happiest countries in the world; Denmark one of the most happiest.

Denmark has more communal living, less stuff, more family / community interaction.  They share the work.  Japan has more work hours in a longer work week, overtime that in many cases goes unpaid, short vacations, if any.

Karōshi is Japanese for death from overwork.  Sudden death via: stroke or heart attack brought about by stress.  I was unaware of this term until last night.

I give you this to ponder while Sun squares Saturn.

Sun (+Mars) is strength / energy :: square is internal stress :: Saturn is work.
Leo Sun is the I’ve got this, I can handle it vibe.
Ego placed strongly (Sun in the sign it rules) still needs to be aware that with Mars conjunct Jupiter opposite Pluto in Capricorn – the urge to over-work, over-react and juggle too many balls exists.

Count to ten.
Then GO.