Ting Yuen

Leo Sun square Saturn in Scorp found me fending off a sudden cold with an epic 12 hour sleep of the dead.  Energy SUN and USE Saturn of it came into crystal clear focus – in fact, that is what I was listening to while I drifted off – a two + hour lecture re: crystal energies.
Popped into comments.

Venus is opposite Neptuner, soon to oppose Chiron as well.

and we are

Personally & globally.
We juggle to find out more, peace talks above board – finally.

Epic healing modalities activate – mistyped NODEalities, which is also true – kismet.

North Node in Scorp trines Chiron in Pisces – dream magicks, imagination into form with the help of a Grand Water Trine EMO cleanse that is evident by Pluto opposing the Mom/Memory/Tribe sign of Cancer – Mercury Mars and Jupiter online to amp up the communication, thinking + the hyperdrive power to amp UP the changes a notch or two.

This astro is quick and slick –

Aries Uranus is hot bolts – info incoming !
Heads UP !
Houses Cancer/Capricorn – stay light on your feet !

Metamorphosis is NOW.
The past is the future.
If you can DREAM it – you can BE it.


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