Aqua Nuts & Bolts

Pseudolucanus capreolus (Stag Beetle)

How odd, a weird bug tonight of all nights (finally going to watch *Ringers, I think) as I have a dramamama confab re: surprise family visits . . . enter a buzzzzwhirrrr of a helicopter flyover.
I live in b.f.e., mind you, fly-overs are not an everyday thing.

SoOo Aqua Moon is a woven tapestry of happenings, I can dig it.

I take a second from paying bills (Aqua in 2 here), step outside to take out the trash, call my girl kitty, and she comes right up.
Mr. Handsome is soaking up the moonlight. I have to go to him. lol  
He knows the score, I was Egyptian in a former life, he snaps I worship.  hilar.

I am back off to finish Ringers (I LOVE IT !! ) + pay bills with another Earthy Hobbit(Venus Cap; Jupiter Toro), *Dominic.

Oh, almost forgot, Lenormand group asked for royal baby predictions a couple ? of weeks ago.  This email to myself is dated Sat, Jun 29, 2013 at 10:20, so it must have been around then. I predicted boy.  (see below)
I don’t watch tv, don’t have cable, no newspaper, didn’t watch either wedding, not a royalty follower, had no idea of due date – but I like Kate, she’s a sensible Capricorn, and Cancer Sun/Moon William taught himself Swahili so he could further his  environmental work, obviously I dig that.  I am very happy for them, such a sweet time.  Cheers !

Happy news (sun), takes awhile to get out (mt) – then around the globe (crux) – BOY !
(Jack of Clubs)
I also will note, being an astrologer, I associate some Lenormand principles to astrology (besides star) – birds, whip, path all mean 2.  That speaks of the duality of Mercury and higher octave Uranus.
I thought twins (?) at first read, then heard no – only one expected.  So I let the read sit in my inbox to reveal itself later.  Cool that instead, Prince of Cambridge was born a 29 degree Cancer Sun – (culmination degree) just prior to full Aquarius Moon, which explained the whip / birchrod to my satisfaction.
Lennies !  *swoosh*

With that, I am off…
Here’s the lovely Aquarius Full MoOon !

Thank you for being a friend
amin mela lle

See you in the morrow xo

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  1. 😀
    awww…sweet name.
    All my young years in front of Loony Tunes, what can I say..?..
    first thing that came to mind !

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