Big Electric Cat

Happy Aquarius Full Moon !

Wild Ride, yah ?!
Laid bets we’d have a few surprises laid at our feet.
I certainly did.  How about you ?

Stan Lee was such a fun chart to do.
He is a nine, like me, and his Scorp Venus/Jupiter square Leo Neptune ::mirrors:: my Leo Venus/Jupiter Scorp Neptune.
Rather an eye-opening moment for me, and that’s just skimming the surface. 
Everything in Cancer has me (and likely, you) feeling emotions up to my eyeballs and then some – but lurking under the surface . . . fisheye views, memories churning up from years ago but being seen under a new light, with a new perspective.

That’s the joy of surprise delivered by the Aquarius Full Moon.
Look to the house where it falls in your chart.
Much info arrived there – contemplate it.

Aquarius KNOWS, Full Moon Illuminates
I wanted to do a read – insight into what we don’t know yet, but will soon.
With of course, ironic – fantastic results.

The Shaman is the Fresh Leo Sun (pounced in at 10:56am CST, USA)
Creativity from the heart.  The Trickster/Shaman now has to focus on work with a square to Saturn in Scorpio.  Shaman is Merlin shifting the elements into form, walking between worlds.
Saturn rules the mystical seagoat, Capricorn and is in mutual reception with knock-down drag out transformative Pluto in Capricorn that means Metamorphosis and NEW from the old Old OLD !

This card represents the Full Aquarius Moon.
You interpret yourself.

This is the Spirit Card, the Crux of the sitch, the underbelly I am so fond of.

Heron is the guardian of the mystics, the esoteric, the mysteries.
The heron stands at the gateway between life and death to mediate on the soul’s behalf as the journey is made into reincarnation / rebirth.
This bird (Aquarius rules birds, btw) is to me, angelic, artistic and inspiring.  Wishes and omens, affection and support, honesty sprung from the most profound, deep heart place.
Honesty with yourself and others.
This is the soft underbelly of the big electric cat.
This heron is a message of equality and the energy of balance in the air when Aquarius Moon opposed Leo Sun at Full lunation.


2 thoughts on “Big Electric Cat

  1. Love these public reads: always multi-faceted.

    Tons of birth & rebirth !
    2nd card Hello Baby !
    Spirit card heron/stork.

    Royal baby boy is a 29 degree Cancer Sun: King of Vessels, or cups with a Grand Water Trine.

    Welcome baby ! 😀

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