All that IS

Night John Byam Liston Shaw

In light of the fact that Uranus is square Pluto; square Mercury, Mars Jupiter stellium in Cancer (which in turn oppose Pluto) I wanted to pull one card from my Egyptian Book of Doors deck.  To add insight and open new perspectives on Uranus in particular – focal point – in what is a time of great and powerful change UPS.  This read is to spur new doors opening, and the best outcome for all of us, whatever we are facing.

Nut is the card I drew.

Nut is NIGHT, the goddess of the sky :: the milky way ::  the creative polarity (Note: Uranus is polarities) of Nu NIGHT which is the number one, the first impulse of creation – energy in a state of rest.

Nut is energy contained in matter – the energy of Nu with directional force in order to become manifest.  

Nut IS creation –
both the beginning and end
Two sides of the ONE.

Be humble for you are made of earth – be noble for you are made of stars.
Serbian Proverb

Egyptians said the gods deny the requests of those who do not realize they are gods themselves.
We are ALL ONE.

Nut is the Sky is arched over the earth in protection, she is the link between the divine ethereal and material manifestation – through her we can leave this world through WILL POWER of the MIND.

NU and NUT represent the undines, associated in tarot with Cups: emotions, intuition, dreams and inspiration.

Nut is Knowledge and Protection of the Great Mother.
She is the flux between ACTION and REACTION
the HAND and the FOOT
the PAST and the FUTURE.

She allows TRANSCENDENCE of the boundaries of TIME.
She indicates protection, freedom and connection to all that IS.


* Nut is asteroid  306367
(Discovered 1960 Oct. 22 by C. J. van Houten)
currently Nut Rx 23 Capricorn