New Nut Neurals


Hey look, new site – cool.  Love Mobeius !
SoOo the astro . . .

Whiskers are twitching, yah ?!  Plenty of vibrations zingpinging off this & that !
Fun few days ahead and beyond.

Friday 26
Moon into Aries
4:29pm CST,USA

Moon meets up with Uranus and we start feeling it in the wee hours of the *25th.

Moon / Uranus tag team as focal point of T-square between Cancer (Moon ruled) Mercury, Mars, Jupiter; Pluto in Capricorn (Cancer – Capricorn oppose each other).
You have mail ! 
EMO mail, your favorite, right ?  Hold tight: transformation of old into new – road is rocky but it won’t be rocky long.  Eyes on the prize: head ’em UP, move ’em out !

Sun will square Saturn exact (growth through the past, tension with authority, and high qi building) Venus will trine (ease of metamorphosis via love) Pluto and sextile Cancer stellium delivering an opportunity for home & family growth via inclusion by remaining flexible (Venus in mutable).

Most of all, process – Venus is in Virgo, after all.
::: BALANCE :::

Venus opposite (peace talks) Neptuner (water, emo dreams), is soon trine to Pluto (earth to earth Manifest)

NOW is primo for delineating:
1.  This I do not want.
2.  This I DO want.


Thinking facts: Mono-tasking is actually the most highly efficient pre-frontal cortex method. Be in the ZONE. 
Concentrate – thought funnel – this ZONE leads to more happiness according to studies via the Happy DVD Just sayin’.
Mutable learning, that is to say – being flexible, open to new stimuli keeps the brain at maximum retention / efficiency.  The more you learn and increase stimulation during the day, the more vivid your dreamscapes at night.

Feed your head (Merc/Jupes; lower & higher mind) new ley lines around emotional baggage (Cancer) you need to process at a higher level while sleeping.  You will retrace your daily steps at night, thereby reinforcing your new New NEW neural pathways.
Guides will be on hand to assist you.
Beneficent Nut, Goddess of the Night Sky is ready to help lead you to your destiny . . .

Sleep heals in more ways than one !

dream well & Rise UP

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