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Last night, I watched Hesher from my local library.
I knew
Joseph Gordon-Levitt was Scorp heavy right at the get go, he vibes an edgy rumbling intensity with a delicious  undercut of sweetness. He nailed the part of a man dealing with a brain injury in The Lookout very well, that I have seen up close and personal.  Obviously I loved Loopers, time thing, ya know.

Whenever you like someone or their work, good energy is pinging off commonalities between your charts.  You ‘get’ them.  Joe is an Aquarian with a strong 7th house Pluto (among other things), so I liked his work right away.

He’s an Aries rising, with Mars in Pisces (Jedi vibe) conjunct (out of sign) an exact Sun/Mercury conjunction in Aquarius all in the 12th.  Enter mysterious !  His 7th house Pluto (Venus influence) trines Aquarius Venus (electric, snazzy attractions) and also trines Mercury/Sun – preferred projects offer a tasty slice of quirky revelations – funky indie think pieces.

He’s been acting professionally since he was 7, with an exact Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in the 7th house trine Venus, art is woven into the fabric of his life.  Working an exact Sun/Mercury conjunction sextile Neptune (film) at MC, he has been working with film since very young, and also works with others (Aquarius) via hitRECord, his open collaborative production company.

Joe also has Moon in Leo with North Node, so he’s playful, fun, open and wants to help others – Leos are generous. Moon being the only planet below the horizon, privacy to decompress and think projects through is desired; also probably a bit shy when younger which alleviates as he grows toward North Node of Destiny in Leo.

Leo Moon quintile 7th house Libra Pluto is a deep understanding of the human spirit and a need to probe the depths of human relationships.  Sag Uranus squares Aquarian Sun/Mercury and Mars in Pisces from the 8th.  Keen penetrative insights of both details and big picture makes him a quick study with good instincts.  Joe is packing an innovative wild streak with a strong sense of independence and self – will.

interview bit reflects his shoot from the hip Aquarian Venus quite well…

Speaking of auditions, Joe, I’m gonna try to get you to confirm something that’s become part of your lore. When John Cameron Mitchell does press, as he just recently did during Oscar season, he often talks about the fact that you sent in an audition video tape for his sexually explicit film Shortbus, even though you didn’t end up doing the movie.

Will you confirm the contents of what was on that videotape?
Uh … no. [Laughs.]

Joe’s tumblr.




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