Check, please

Cardinal Cross time again and how about a reality check.  I need one, it’s been a busy day and more yet to come.  For those of you not familiar with astrology, look for the big red square (each point is in a Cardinal sign) with an ‘X’ in the center.  The ‘X’ lines are oppositions, the shorter red lines are squares.  Squares are inner conflicts, oppositions something someone else does.
Uranus in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra is like trying to hold on to a bucking relationship bronco between self/others.  Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn is walking the tightrope between changing career and herding the family home.


Good news (in blue) is there is also a mystic rectangle, which is two trines (easy energies) and two sextiles ( two opportunities) and a grand trine (big blue triangle) and a kite with two more sextiles.  So there is a lot of good energy bopping around too…!
The opposition in the kite is pointing to Mars and Pluto.  That’s action, desires and where we put our energy (Mars) opposite the big transformer, Pluto.  Feels kinda like a big soul shakedown party.  The whole planet, our country and each and every one of us are going through some rapid changes.

So I made a tarot spread so I could have some more info on the energies.
I did this spread using:
the left card as ASC /top as MC/ right as DC/ bottom as IC/ middle card as The Hub.
The card on the bottom right is the bottom of the deck or the ‘message from spirit’ as Donni calls it.

ASC= Koala, upright~~~Live in a place of gratitude and generosity, you may have your secrets as long a you have respect for and do no harm to others.

MC=Waratah, upright~~It is only by the dark night of the soul and grief through loss that we may fully understand the unbridled joy of love and happiness.  Being alive is to accept them both.

DC=Southern Cross, upright~~This is a testing period, a period of changes and endings.  What is needed is courage and fortitude – be mentally and physically strong, keep to your discipline and beliefs.  Do not lose hope, for the beautiful new world to come will far exceed your expectations and imaginings.

IC=Willy Wagtail, upright~~This is the time to communicate your spiritual and emotional truth – openly and honestly.  Face changes and the ending of the old by turning your face to the new.  Find your inner strength to deal with difficulties, and seek the friendship of others when you need it.

Hub (Earth)= Black Swan, reversed~~Turn your sight within to find what is holding you back from your highest good.  Adjust your attitude/altitude to find the opportunities present in your situation.

Spirit=Opal, reversed~~This is a very spiritual card that indicates a time of shedding past habits and negativity.   Find the rainbow of energies available within (chakras) to see the value of your presence in the world and the gifts you have to offer with newfound clarity.

All the best~


Fun Times !
Outer planet heavies in a tug-o-war and an eclipse to boot.
Mosh pit !
(go to Neptunes and click on the Marley show for instant good vibe infusion)

Oppositions are screaming what the hell is the other guy doing to me~
Squares are the thoughts ping-ponging in the brain saying what the hell am I doing to myself~
Transforming.  That’s what.
Eclipses mark energy shifts lasting over over several days or months– felt by you, me and everyone else twirling around on the planet…so keep smiling folks, be kind to your neighbors.  Keep it together.

Partial solar eclipse July 1st at 9 degrees Cancer; thrusting the house where it lives in your chart, and Capricorn its opposite into the spotlight of change.  Cancer is home, family roots, your haven / Capricorn is career, goals, status.  In my case Capricorn 1st/ Cancer 7th house, so my personal identity (1st) and relationships with others (7th) are getting the eclipse spotlight.
We are also under the outer planet heavy Pluto (power struggle) squaring both Saturn ( the brakes ) and Uranus ( the gas).
The eclipse point where both luminaries : Sun/ego – Moon/instinct are squaring both Uranus and Saturn.  Saturn is opposite Uranus.  This is the captain speaking; we are experiencing a little turbulence, no moving about the cabin, know your exits.   Other planets in your natal chart in geometric aspect get *pinged* and activated as well.  So if you are feeling a bit snippy, stressed or lacking sleep…it will pass.

Feeling it in your life..?  Formulate your best intentions for the coming increasing moon as it waxes to full.  Hang loose and let things happen organically…may be a good time to take a deep breath before any big decisions.

You can click on Astrodienst to get your chart, and find out where the eclipse falls for you, or contact me   Happy Eclipsing !

*Edit : had stomach issues (nausea) night of eclipse, and read others with Cancer (rules stomach) on ASC/DC did as well.   How did you feel during the eclipse ?