Merkaba activate

Merkabas by Gneiss Moon

Mer (light) Ka (spirit) Ba (body)
These are egyptian words from the 18th dynasty.  Mer (light) specifically means two counter-rotating fields of light spinning in the same space. These electromagnetic light fields are always present, but grow stronger with meditation and specific breathing patterns.

Merkaba is a geometric representation of the bridge between the mind, body and heart; the spiritual etheric and physical bodies.

The Mer-Ka-Ba is composed of two intersecting, counter-rotating tetrahedra (triangular pyramid) in the figure of a three-dimensional Star Tetrahedron, or “Star of David”.

The center point of the spinning tetrahedron (pointing up and down) forms a “zero-point” construct that compels singular motion (wave of creation) to resonate with Universal Harmonics.

This harmonic convergence within the center of the body activates a rotation phenomenon similar to twelve-strand DNA and the upward spiral of evolution.

This spinning rotation has many useful applications in altering the bio-energetic construct of the body, mind and emotions.

For instance, the activation of the Harmonics alerts all 12 dimensional realms to open and connect throughout the unified field, in cascading layers of grids—spiraling wheels of light, sound and color. The pattern of “12 around 1” represents the alchemical vortex of consciousness that is the fundamental foundation for sacred geometry. (source)

Now you can readily see why I am thinking of Merkabas.
This is our sky at the moment.

Grand Trines, like Merkabas have to be activated.

We have a grand trine in Earth, physical manifestations are granted easier access at this time.
Another grand trine in primarily Air, with Neptune out of sign / element in its home in Pisces (water).  This is balanced emotionally based, spiritual, healing communication.

Let’s work it peeps !


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