Fifth Element

Sacred Geometry Oracle – Greer

Quickie read for the energies of the LEO FULL MOON Saturn T-Square coming up on Saturday.  Intent is enlightenment, leading to most benevolent outcome for all of us.
Saturn : 29 The Dodecahedron
Saturn is the focal point of the T-Square meaning it will restrict, funnel and focus the energies of Moon in Leo vs.Sun Mercury in Aquarius.
The dodecahedron is the last of the 5 platonic solids.  This solid differs from the first four which relate to the material elements – fire, air, water, earth – dodecahedron corresponds to the 5th Element – the element of Spirit.

Energies descending from the spiritual realm, being brought into focus on the material realm. Transcendence through the breath of life.

Sun : 31 The Sphere
Projection of the circle into 3 dimensions, earth, sun, moon are symbols of the cosmos no beginning, no end.  A return to the end from the beginning.

Infinity; the limitless realities that have already taken shape, that only wait for your arrival.

Moon : 32 Squaring the Circle
The diameter or circumference of the circle can be found – but not ever both concurrently. The ratio between the diameter of a circle and its circumference is pi, an irrational number.  Circle represents the realm of spirit, while the square represents the realm of matter.  To draw spirit down or lift matter up is the central work of mystics and magicians the world over.

Harmony of Heaven and Earth; resulting in the achievement of perfection of human experience.
This is the most positive sign in this oracle.

Spirit card : Crux of the Sitch

28 : Pentagram  More here.
A magickal talisman that summons power.

Captain your ship well.
Use the force wisely.
You will know you are operating the force wisely when you are calm, passive, at peace.


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