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Sequoia – photo : Ron Niebrugge

Full Moon in Virgo on Thursday March 8th at 3:39 am, CST, USA.

It is a day of energies in tandem :

Mercury and Uranus in Aries
(fire- active thinking, communicating and intuition)

Full Moon and Mars Rx in Virgo
(Feelings coupled with an inward focus of personal will and desires)

Venus and Jupiter in Taurus
(earth- steady growth with $$, creativity and love)

Sun will be opposite (Full) Moon and Mars Rx in Virgo
(revelations in both the houses of Virgo and Pisces, questions will be answered regarding these houses that have been on the table since the last new moon)

Venus and Jupiter will be opposite Saturn Rx in Libra (positive co-operative change, finding balance in relationships, even if it is only something You decide for Yourself.)

Mercury and Uranus in Aries will be square Pluto in Capricorn
(Progressive ideas, changes taking place- action taken regarding long-term goals)

Venus will be sextile Neptune in Pisces
(possibility for grand creative plans manifested on earth – you have to activate them !)

Neptune in Pisces will be trine Saturn Rx in Libra. (build the dream you wish to create- be exact !)

Grand Earth Trine
On Wednesday, March 14th – all at 9 degrees – exact – 12:50 am, CST, USA.

Venus is coming to conjunct Jupiter in Taurus (benefics, both) they will be trine Pluto in Capricorn and Mars Rx in Virgo.

Grand Earth Trine energy is a harmonious, beneficial and co-operative expression of energy – the planets involved are moving energies in the same nature Earth it signifies a time for growth on the material plane.

Taurus rules finance and possessions, financial and self – worth.  Venus is love, money and creativity – it will be conjunct the planet of expansion and luck, Jupiter in the house of finance.  They are in trine to Pluto the transformation energy in Capricorn the sign of big business, career and ambitions.  They are also in trine to Moon and Mars, which puts an emotional kicker behind the Mars Rx in Virgo.

Mars Rx in Virgo energy – I have witnessed of late – is no doubt a more thoughtful, delayed Mars energy because it is in the house of the discerning eye, Virgo  perfectionism.  Instead of single-minded pursuit of one vision / one action, the Mars Rx energy I have experienced is sorted at the get go – meaning it is not full thrust in one direction, but compartmentalized prior; it feels like only so much energy is available, or allotted to each task.

Virgo is Mercury ruled, Mercury is the mind – channel it carefully as thoughts become tangible things, Mars Rx is the mind put to detail and the energy follows inward. It has expressed itself to me in fits and starts of productivity, multi-tasking and bouts of monkey mind – nip the negative and replace with positive – being flexible is key.  Virgos can be rigid, but the house of Virgo really needs to compromise with (opposite sign) and draw upon the classic Pisces surrender for this passage of Mars Rx and Mercury Rx.

Keep a firm grip on the positive and go with the flow.

Mercury Retrograde Monday, March 12 – 2:49 am, CST, USA.

Mercury going retrograde will bring it back to meet Uranus for a second time, it’s higher octave.  Gut feelings and intuition on a personal inward level will be high, revelations on the inner plane of self will be forthcoming and very enlightening.

Look to your house of Aries for more clues – Mercury and Uranus will be forming new solutions, creating brainstorms, and changing the way everything ~ eyesight and second sight ~ is SEEN.

Mercury rules maps, and Uranus intuition – follow your hunches.
Sun will be trine Moon – Venus conjunct Jupiter – what does your heart tell you ?

Mercury Retrograde in the house of Aries and Mars Retrograde in the house of Virgo brings the 2 planets into mutual reception, they will be working well together in tandem, in each others houses to find the best personal solutions to actions (Mars / Aries) and communications (Mercury / Virgo) on a personal (and global) level.

Mercury Rx / Aries is more thought out and less knee-jerk, yet still shooting sparks and taking action – Aries is the I AM – this and the house of Aries in your chart is where to look.  Mars Rx in Virgo is action compartmentalized and detailed tweaking on the mental plane.

When these two planets are in mutual reception they will be working together in your Aries and Virgo houses to streamline and re-evaluate mental and physical actions on the material plane.

Who am I, where am I going, how will I get there, and what can I do for you along the way..?

Be mindful of your thoughts, for when Mercury begins to slow and begin retrograde, its energies are in tandem with Uranus – both square Pluto the power of divine will.

Thoughts are set to manifest rapidly into the material plane.


sweet & steady

Lovely Venus has sauntered into Taurus, the sign of her rulership.
She is happy and comfortable here, she feels secure and is able to flourish with slow and steady work and progress.

Venus brings good fortune to your house of Taurus !

She brings art, love and the gifts of grace, harmony and balance as she is also the ruler of Libra – diplomacy in relationships.  Venus creates and inspires with her beauty and charm, she is kind and sensual by nature.

Taurus loves to HAVE – Taurus motto- emotional and financial security.

Venus as she reclines on Taurus earth loves to feed the senses ~ she will touch, taste, smell, listen and sing her heart out, for Taurus rules the throat.
She is earthy, quiet, patient and peaceful – but be warned – when her patience runs out …
~> you had better START RUNNING !!

I have Moon in Taurus, trust me, you don’t wanna be on the wrong end of those horns !

Things are feeling better as she is coming to conjunct the other happy optimistic planet, happy – go – lucky, freewheeling Jupiter.
Please note, this is the prime time to blow the bank if you don’t watch it – Venus spends $$ and Jupiter expands, so be mindful of where you are spending all that hard earned cash …

Venus is also trine Pluto, so now is a time of much needed changes on the money, creativity and relationship front.   Also women in your circle may be stepping up to help you and offer support, for Venus in Taurus is – earth – steady and true.

Love my Toro gals !  xo

This really is a great time to make art, get a massage, take a bath, or eat dark chocolate on the couch while you watch your favorite flick – your senses will be heightened especially with Jupiter near, so relax and enjoy it ~


Copper Capricorn

Meet Copper Capricorn – my Pluto transit mojo pendant.

Pluto by transit is square my chart ruler, Saturn Rx.
I call pendant dude Copper Capricorn because I bought him from an artist in Jerome, Arizona (click).  

Jerome is an old copper mining town established in 1883 that sits on the side of Cleopatra hill in the Verde Valley.  Jerome housed the workers in the nearby United Verde Mine, which was to produce over 1 billion dollars in copper, gold and silver over the next 70 years.  Jerome was a notorious wild west town, a hotbed of prostitution, gambling, and vice. In 1903, the New York Sun proclaimed Jerome to be “the wickedest town in the West”.

My pendant fits the aspect.

Pluto = cesspools of sin, mines and sex.
Saturn = rocks and ore taken from the earth.

Copper is Venus ruled.  Art ! 

The little blue botryoidal (greek for resembling grapes) stone is Azurite, a copper carbonate mineral.  It is a monoclinic crystal, though it is often found in botryoidal forms. Azurite is a stone of the Ajna, the third eye.  It vibrates with the energy of intuition, understanding, imagination and the sixth sense.  It can help facilitate dreaming and a clear, logical mind.

The green stones are Malachite, also a copper carbonate.  Malachite resonates with the Anahata, or heart chakra.  It vibrates with compassion, emotional balance, hope and love.  Malachite emanates a vibration of love (Venus) throughout the energy body, making it an excellent protection stone from negative energies.  Malachite resonates to the Yang polarity of coppers electrical conductivity, enabling it to work as an active ‘fire’ stone – it will help draw impurities out of the body and stimulate energy flow.

Malachite, being about 58 % copper, (Venus ruled, hence balance) is particularly helpful for left-right brain imbalances.  If you live or work near nuclear energy, malachite is said to help with over intoxication, radiation induced illnesses and it will draw out and expel the toxins from the body.  Malachite also promotes cellular regeneration, and increases capillary function and can help reduce swelling.

Copper itself is the metal of channeling energies, it is the metal of the magician.  Copper, when used with stones, enhances the conduit between stone and human energies.  It assists, manifests energetic alignment between earth, stone and human.

Copper bracelets (often worn for arthritis) open the blocked energy flow in the body which helps alleviate arthritic pain.

Copper is a conduit, a conductor, an enhancer. 

Here is the science:  Electricity is the flow of electrons moving from one atom to the next.  Copper is very dense, the atoms are compact, allowing this moving exchange of electricity to happen quickly, easily.

Malachite is also said to enhance luck.

Keep this in mind as Venus comes closer to an exact conjunction with Jupiter.
Venus (love, $$, women, copper) and Jupiter (luck, expansion, wisdom) are beneficial, and they are opposite (in compromise with) Saturn (bones, work, discipline).

Try wearing malachite for luck and / or relief of arthritis or infection and see how it works for you.



Wintry Morning shot from inside a cave Uutela Helsinki Finland by PeteHuu

1.  I am beginning to see light at the end of the Virgo tunnel… !

Thanks so much for your patience (Venus / Saturn) while I re-categorize 7 months of posts.
If you see empty links under signs / houses / etc… in the drop down menu, that will be changing in the near future.
It is tedious work (Saturn) but it will be worth it !
So again, I thank you.

2.  Cookie opened morning after flying dream (click) – sits on hemimorphite specimen.

3. Loretta Lynn mini interpretation will be coming up soon…stay tuned

4.  FOUND ! !

Found ! (click)  in my travels in the ladies bathroom.
A message from   God  ?
Ladies room   so perhaps they mean    Goddess  ?
I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo (mane) if we’re counting hairs, best pack a lunch.
Luke 12:7
But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.
Sparrow totem relates to self-worth.
During the Middle Ages, the Sparrow was the symbol of peasants and the lower classes. In Ancient Britain, the Sparrow was the symbol of friendly household spirits. To the Greeks, it was the pet of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. (source)

blessed be
peace be with you
Live Long & Prosper

el Duderino

Jeff Bridges

May I introduce Sagittarian actor, musician, vintner and artist Jeff Bridges.  Jeff was born into a family of actors, his Mom, Dad and his older brother, Beau.  Jeff made his first onscreen appearance at the tender age of four months.

His first big break was in The Last Picture Show, when he became one of the youngest actors ever to be nominated for an Academy Award at age 22 (1971, Best Supporting Actor, The Last Picture Show), and at age 60, Jeff became one of the oldest ever to win (2010, Best Actor, Crazy Heart).
I just watched True Grit and of course, loved it.  I loved Starman and have been to Barringer crater, which is featured in the movie, and it’s fabulous !
Starmans expression when he tried Dutch Apple Pie..?  Priceless.

I loved The Last Picture Show, Fearless, The Big Lebowski, (obviously a classic), The Fisher King, Men Who Stare at Goats, Tron, the list goes on and on…
I have spent my life watching Jeff light up the screen, so I wasn’t too surprised to find out he’s a Sagittarius.
(I am a Sagittarius magnet, it seems, I am naturally prone to fancy them, since I have lots of Sag energy myself.)
Jeff is a life path 3 (the zero adds power) which is a path of growth, flowering, and new directions unfolding out of the balance of 2.

He is a Virgo rising, with chart ruler Mercury in the 4th trine Pluto in creative Leo, on the 11th (natural house of Aquarius) a visionary placement for an artist.  Sun (exact conjunct Chiron) trine Pluto from the nadir (conjunction straddles the 3/4th) and Jeff is a natural gypsy story-teller (4th is the house of Cancer, they can spin a yarn like no other) with an optimistic heart.  Through his craft, he shows others how to heal themselves through communicating the need for loving acceptance of the natural human beauty found within us all.  (The nadir is the deep well of self, where and how we restore balance, trine Pluto in 11th.)

He shines a light on human relationships through his exquisite ability to morph and change in the public eye.  Gemini at mid-heaven and Jeff can fully embody chameleon-like qualities for his career – this is particularly evident with Uranus (polarities and change) elevated as well as Moon (fluctuation, imagination).

Uranus in the 10th has no major aspects – making Jeff a mavericks maverick !  Uranus is rebellious and innovative and without major aspects reigning it in, it is truly wild and free !  Having Uranus quintile the Ascendant gives him the ability to be unpredictable in the eyes of others via work and career.  This quality is further shown by his predominately mutable chart. The quincunx to the artistic Venus (art in the 29th or culmination degree) Jupiter conjunction in the creative 5th house (Sun – creativity – naturally rules) gives Jeff a super – charged ability to build a life – long eclectic career in the arts.
I am tickled Jeff has Venus conjunct Jupiter, because I do as well, but in Leo !  He is very well liked by his co-stars (Venus is kind /Jupiter expands), and is described as exceptionally easygoing (Sagittarius).

His craft is deep and thoughtful (Pluto ruling 3rd) and he derives a tremendous strength from family (strong Nadir placements, Moon trine Venus and Jupiter).  He has been especially influenced by males (Sun trine Pluto) and had worked very close with both his father and brother throughout his life (Mars conjunct Saturn).

He is known for working hard, and when young appeared on his fathers television show, Sea Hunt  with his brother on several occasions (Mars conjunct Saturn conjunct Ascendant). Squares from the Mars Saturn conjunction to Moon at the mid-heaven represents the Sagittarius need to explore his own path, make his own mark with the public (Moon).  Neptune in Venus-ruled Libra trine Moon in 9th and Jeff documents his films and travels on film, he is an avid photographer.

Sun at the nadir opposite Moon at mid-heaven shows that he loves his home life a great deal, but his restless nature calls him out to learn and communicate his feelings through his work.  North Node of Destiny in Aries (Mars rules) and Jeff has a path before him of blazing new trails in showing the depth of human nature (8th) through his work (Mars conjunct Saturn).

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Starman:
You are a strange species. Not like any other. And you’d be surprised how many there are. Intelligent but savage. Shall I tell you what I find beautiful about you?
[Shermin nods]
Starman: You are at your very best when things are worst.