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Saturn is in Scorpio folks !

The planet of structure & form meets the sign of fixed water.

Saturn is conjunct Mercury and trine Neptuner Rx – awesome vibe for healing communications and night time or daydream escapes.

Mercury sextiles Venus. Focus tuning into the higher realms via divination, music, inspirational art, while keeping one finger on the material world with savvy, creative finance and savings – Saturn is patient.

Mars moves to square Venus and Neptune while Venus opposes Chiron – someone lends a helping hand in your healing & you reciprocate.  Take action and create art, use caution in love and spending.
Subconscious cleansing via theta sleep / REM dreams is enhanced :: engage memory enhancers and creativity by sleeping well – take naps if need be :: dreamless delta sleep is when human growth hormone is released – make deep sleep a priority to keep energy levels up.

Sloughing in the shower is magickal regeneration of psyche via the physical senses.  Keep your eyes open for otherworldly omens making themselves felt / seen in the physical world. 

Be back soon with more – I need to rest, shake this cold that has been shadowing me…



To be a spiritual warrior, one must have a broken heart; without a broken heart and the sense of tenderness and vulnerability that is in one’s self and all others, your warriorship is untrustworthy.

~ Chögyam Trungpa, Shambhala.
Mars nearly conjunct North Node in Scorpio: action leading to long-term transformation is favored and coming from down deep.

Mercury is coming to conjunct 29 degree Saturn (culmination degree) in Libra.
Structures surrounding communications are shifting balance.
Saturn into Scorpio will bring hard-core, full-out WORK, TESTING and finesse to your house of Scorpio. 

Be patient . . . we will be fine tuning our power, our desires and formulating foundations.

Be loving . . . we will be passionately intimate with the ultimate power within ourselves and forced to make the intangibletangible.


Energy SNAP


Amazing the depths to which we are delving, amazing the revelations this astro is bringing to the surface, yes ..?

Friday October 5th
3:34pm CST, USA

Saturn will roll into Scorpio while Pluto is ripping up Capricorn.

They will be in each other’s ruling houses, they disposit one another, they are in mutual reception

In other words, their energies are online to each other via the red hot phone.  The energies naturally ‘get’ each other and these two houses (Capricorn and Scorpio) will be working together.  Pluto will be metamorphing all things olde skool Capricorn in that area of your chart, while Saturn will be testing, perfecting and deepening your Scorpio experience in that area of your chart.

These two planets are sextile right off the bat. Opportunity is gonna be knockin’ in early Cap & Scorp – but you will have to make it work  !
Since wildcard Uranus is also involved – in a whammy square with Pluto – with a dose of Mars power backing it up, I thought it would be a good time to go over some energy protections.

I am of the heart and mind that being prepared is savvy.  Ya dig ?

In the next few posts I will be addressing energy.
How to harness your own energy, keep your power with you, and how to shield yourself from negative energies of others – – –  but first, we clean !

Energy clearing: 

Set your intent  to clear and clean the energy.

Clear all clutter
emotional, spiritual and physical.

Eat and drink foods that are healthy and exercise. 
Seems obvious, but it needs to be said – foods that take longer to digest will drain your energy.  Your body is your machine, your vehicle – treat it well.

Earth: Salt bath for yourself,
salt the perimeter of your property.  Salt is a crystal (Halite) that cleanses and purifies by absorbing negative energies.  (Other forms of evaporates are Calcite and Gypsum, these may also be placed in a room to clear and clean the energy.)  If you use it inside, you may want to wait 24 hours, then scoop it up – clean and clear it in the sunshine, for re-use.

Earth: Crystals can be worn or placed in a room for their cleansing properties.  Generally stones vibrate with their color spectrum, otherwise I recommend Love is in the Earth by Melody or The Book of Stones by Simmons and Ahsian.  Trust your intuition – your instincts will tell you what stone is right for you in each situation. You can find some stone info from my collection here.

Air: Smudge with sage as this increases the negative ions.  More smoke means less negative ions are present – go over all areas (including closets, cupboards) going through each room ending in an open window so the energies can escape.  You can do this over your whole property if you wish.

Air: Bells, drums, chanting, voice.  All these will clear the energies in a room, clapping into the corners to clear them is pretty old school, but it works.  I usually ring a bell at the start of any divination or magickal work.  Bells can also be used to clean and clear crystals.

Fire: Candles are always present in my studio, as fire increases negative ions.  Color code candles to suit your specific needs.

Water: Hydrate yourself and your environment.  Humans are over 70% water, keep hydrated so the electrical system of your body animal functions properly.  Dry air is an indication that there are too many positive ions present, humidify your space if needed.


curious cosmic meetings

Duuuude . . .this astro is aaaAamazing !

No sooner than I pass through one Nemo-ish swirling vortex of terror, here comes another.  Virgo Sun / Merc is bopping all my 9th house bells and whistles (Sun/Ura/Plu), Saturn just crossed my MC, is nearly conjunct my South Node, and most of my heavy hitters are presently Rx (Ura/Nep/Plu).  Neptuner Rx is opposite natal Venus/Jupes pffft . . .I have been taking clematis to help that opposition, otherwise quite frankly, I don’t have much time to dwell, I am too busy swimming !   YOU ?

Tuesday 18th 12:07am CST, USA
Pluto stations direct 6 degrees Capricorn
Uranus Rx exact square Pluto

Pluto stations direct while sextile Chiron, so healing opportunities are present for the shift in metamorphic energies.  Early degrees of Aries and Libra feel the squeeze, early Cancer juggles the balancing act with another, while opportunities are present in early Pisces and Scorpio.

Pluto Rx was certainly digging up past voodoo – transforming it into Major Mojo. 

Have you also felt the release, the transformation of past obstacles into present strengths ?  It boggles if I think about it too much, I just keep working.

Speaking of work, Saturn is reaching the last degrees of Libra and wow, what a ride that was.  I was here working for a great deal of it, in addition to my full-time day job.
 (Oct 2009- Apr 2010; July 2010 – Oct 5 2012, Saturn plowed through Libra)
How did you apply yourself in the last 2 years ?  Are you wowed by all your progress ?
Amazing accomplishments, Saturn brings. 

Friday October 5th 3:34pm CST, USA
Saturn into Scorpio

More on Saturn later…now a bit of Pluto…
So this evening, I am nursing my cat’s wound, when my Saturn incense slid off this box and fell down behind in a crack – I wasn’t anywhere near it, it had been sitting there for weeks.  I had to move things to get it out.

SoOo. . . knowing that Saturn is nearly on my South Node (past) I knew it was a sign, I had to go digging for some info.  I found it.  My Dad had Uranus Rx exact conjunct my Toro Moon.  When my Dad was dying, I was watching something, humming along with it quietly when I last felt my Dad’s presence in his physical body.

Let me explain . . .I love astrology, I love reading the language of signs, symbols and portents.  Someone that I have become more interested in lately – simply for curiosity’s sake – has a very interesting conjunction with my Dad and me.  Saturn/Jupiter, to be exact. Their conjunction is exact conjunct my Moon (and my Dad’s Uranus Rx) which is trine my Pluto.   (Transiting Sun is exact on my natal Pluto now.)

Pluto is death.
They each were near me when the other one metamorphosed for the last time.

I saw this astrosynch tonight, cried. WoW tears, not sad tears.  Really just quietly freaking at the cosmic unity of the aspects and meetings in the synastry.

Feeling the Pluto shift, so I am writing about death and synchronicities (Uranus) via astrology aspects.  My Dad has Scorpio North Node, 15 degrees.  I find this significant when I think about a psychic’s revelation to me a couple of years ago.  I will not reveal more, other than to say I am wondering what I said in 3rd grade that was so moving.  Curious.  Very curious.

…more soon…just keep swimming !

the devil you know

Better the devil you know than the one you don’t. 

Saturn has one hell of a nasty rep.  * see horns  ^
Who wouldn’t love  restriction, responsibilities, duty, and being an olde sour pessimistic, melancholy workaholic cuss ! ! . . ?! . . . anyone ?  haha yeeeah. exactly.

I was thinking the other day this ‘devil you know business’ may as well be my anthem, code, motto whatever.  Why ?  Well, being the child of 2 Capricorn Suns, and a Cap rising myself, I have had Saturn up my nostril since. . . well, ever.

YeeHAW Not.

I have Saturn retrograde in its fall in Aries 3rd.  For non – astro folks, that translates as self (1st house) restrictions on any and all actions (Mars rules Aries) and thinking (3rd house is thinking).  Is why I go on & On & ON  about mindful thoughts and morphing the business model in the brainpan to a more happy blissful state.

Ya know, Saturn is the new sunshine and rainbows and all that jazz. 

Saturn IS actually helpful – it keeps us tethered to this planet, makes juice into concentrate, it’s the groovy trick that keeps us from flying out of the Round UP rides.

Ahem. but seriously, what got me started on this Saturn post ?
Kids in the Hall  !  !


 Saturn. the Workhorse. is. on. my. Midheaven.

Dear Goddess of All Things Groovy,
Will there ever be frolick for me at the festy again ?!
Please say yes ! 

Yours truly, Gneissest Moon Evah

HA ! sorta.
Nah, just kidding, I will obviously live with Saturn, but you get my point.  Lots and lots of work, but Saturn requires it.  The rewards are great, a job well done, self- satisfaction, you know, that sittin’ on top of the world  thang.

I find this is an excellent time to noodle around with facing some Saturnian fears as well . . . brave ones can tell me how I do in the comments . . .  I’ll go first !

FACES of FEAR  in Fuchsia for fun

Saturn in Aries or 1st house: head trauma, accidental violence, facial scars, dentists drill, migraines, fumbling the ball or worse yet – an interception

Saturn in Taurus or 2nd house: choking, poverty, deadlines, unreliability, theft of personal objects, frenetic jazz and or opera crescendos

Saturn in Gemini or 3rd house: asphyxiation, inability to communicate, being pigeonholed or illogical, stuck in a corner with boring people who never shut up

Saturn in Cancer or the 4th: loss of family, fear of childbirth, insensitivity, confrontation, empty nest, feeling alone and hungry without cheese

Saturn in Leo or the 5th: bad love affairs, heart trouble, lack of willpower, being ignored, cowardice, loss of good looks, breaking mirrors, back burner, bad hair days

Saturn in Virgo or 6th house:  illness, being dispensable, impracticability, faulty logic, causing harm, having nothing to clean, organize or fix, crooked pictures on the wall

Saturn in Libra or 7th house: injustice, imbalance, insincerity, inequality, making decisions, filth, relationship chains, excessive body hair, mis-matched clothes

Saturn in Scorpio or 8th house: loss of power or control, shallowness, being exposed, unfulfilled desires, lack of sex or obsessing about lack of sex, milk toast

Saturn in Sagittarius or 9th house:  inability to roam far and wide, ethical crossfire, detailed work that requires finesse, intellectual joke fail, last call

Saturn in Capricorn or 10th house: career fail, breaking bones, losing teeth, coming in second place, being irresponsible, incompetence, disloyalty, taking orders, vacations

Saturn in Aquarius or 11th house: intellectual stagnation, being unoriginal or uninteresting, not knowing purpose in universe, surrender to apathy, status quo

Saturn in Pisces or 12th house: confinement, being forced into beliefs, large crowds,  too busy to daydream, spiritual constriction, lack of REM, concentration, reality

Some of the Saturnian things above are in jest, but all are shades of truth. Hope you find it insightful / delightful more than frightful.   Each is a general read – not taking into account your personal natal chart and aspects, which will reveal many layers beyond the above.

My Saturn is Aries 3, so I read both Aries / 3rd house to flesh out my Saturn bones.
Follow the same template for your own aspects.

Speaking of Saturn pressing down, time flies when I work 24/8.  It is late, and Labor day  was exactly that – it is TIME to pillow crash.

peace out peeps

Soul to Soul

Stevie Ray.

A1 incredible talent, stunningly groundbreaking blues guitar.

Not surprisingly, Stevie had Neptune as focal planet of a powerful T- square.

Libra Neptune (music, guitars) square Jupiter (exalted) and Uranus (highly innovative) tightly conjunct in Cancer (emotive, blues); Neptune square Mars (exalted) in Capricorn.  Serious powerhouse for gut – wrenching ::: put you on your knees ::: blues.

Libra Sun and Neptune soaking up and pouring out the creative Venusian arts.
Moon in Sagittarius big enough for a Texan to roam far and wide.

Strong Scorpio – also not surprising – Mercury conjunct Saturn – spot on communication Soul to Soul.  
What is blues if not karma served up on a platter, mmm . . . ?
Pluto is packin’ heat from the house of Leo which rules the heart.

Venus also in Scorpio – love and sexual desires stroked into a lush musical fabric textured, dense and complex . . . most definitely.
Specialized talents, spiritual gifts : Sun quintile Jupiter and Uranus – hugely innovative intuitive creativity.  Mercury quintile Mars : powerhouse passionate drive to communicate intense experiences via his instruments – guitar and voice.
Mars quintile Saturn (while exalted in Capricorn) : penetrating artistic achievement – fame long-term recognition for work and craft
Saturn quintile Pluto : mysterious warrior / lover, seductive earthy tantric guitar vibe   

Stevie battled his addictions – sensitive Neptunians often do, and Stevie’s guitar sings his sorrows so seductively . . .


building powerful flow

Amazing, just love this piece.
I would love to give credit to the artist if someone could help identify the work, that would be lovely….

I drew an oracle card the other day – The Scribe – Lady of the House of Books.  I got a kick out of it, since I love libraries (Mercury rules, is at my MC) and yes, I have lots of books.  I returned yet another ipod deck.  This one produced sound, yet would not charge, so I traded it for books.  Books work.  Crack & read – snap !

The Saturn Rx in me gets quite irate that nearly everything mass produced is not worth what it costs to make it, ship it, market it, and sell it.  The final product is made quickly with no intention of lasting past a year (or two) and if the buyer is lucky – it might make it longer.  If it breaks, throw it away – who fixes things anymore ?  I have tried and I was laughed outta town.

Saturn thinks long term, works over the long haul, believes in sweat equity and walks the talk.  Saturn is exalted in Libra at the moment, but yes, it IS headed for the house of Scorpio.

Collective gasp from the astro crowd ! 

Scorpio = sex, death, taxes, client money, the unseen, metaphysics and transformation. 

Saturn = restriction, limitations, perseverance, concentration, thrift, work, discipline and constriction.

Restriction on any ONE of these Scorpio things is enough to send some people spinning.  It will be okay.  I have had Saturn as chart ruler, retrograde, in its fall my whole life.  We will be okay while Saturn transits Scorpio – we just have to be prepared to suck it up and deal.  This is a test.  Perfect and deepen. 

Saturn has a tendency to be melancholy and pessimistic.  When Saturn kicks in – and it will – recognize, respect, and release.  Work hard and put one foot in front of the other, rest well, eat healthy and keep firm strong boundaries in all areas of your life – particularly in your house of Scorpio, Taurus (opposite), Leo and Aquarius (square).

I will write more about boundaries later, but first – needs / wants – supply / demand.
Scorpio is ‘ours’ and Saturn while in Scorpio will oppose the house of  ‘I have’.  That means deals, co-operation and compromise with others over love $, sex, worth, possessions.

Saturn restricts – so expect money flow, love flow, overall worth and yes, peace of mind to be log jammed.  Scorpio is secrets and mystery lurking underneath the surface, so speaking as one who has lots of 8th house and Scorp/Pluto action – when both planets are in mutual reception, just be sure to have boundaries in place and safety nets.

By this I mean POWER is on the menu – Who is ordering it – Who is serving it – and Who is gobbling it up.  Saturn uses, in Scorpio – unlimited power and desires are ready to be tapped – do so wisely.  Keep your boundaries strong so others don’t tap you as well.  Power over oneself is the greatest show of strength.

Pluto reveals and transforms – in Capricorn this is (generally) ambition, status, work and authority, older people.  Look to your Capricorn house for where you will be facing  ginormous growth, via revelations and rebirth.  Look to your Scorpio house for where you will be tested and perfected.  Think funneling an elephant through the eye of a needle.   Streamline everything.  Keep it Simple.

Saturn by transit sends the energies of the house into lock down mode – brakes – and pressure.  As far as love, it’s been a coon’s age since I had a date, and the world hasn’t tilted or anything.  I live.  In fact, I live happily.

As far as money… Saturn knows the difference between wants and needs.  Repair instead of replace, buy things that are well-made and built to last.  Buy what is beautiful and useful,  learn the value of barter or trade, share resources, make do with less, live simply.
For instance, I don’t have cable tv (rabbit ears, 3 channels maybe – equals about $1,200 saved / yr), my stereo is old only plays vinyl, my truck is too – paid in full. I wear the same clothes all the time, don’t eat out, or go on vacation, or go to movies, my splurges consist of DVDs and books (non-fic, reference).  I don’t drive on weekends.  I grow my own food.  You get the idea, thrift. 

What I need is  3 hots and a cot, same for the kitties, $ for health, fuel and internet service so I can work.  That’s about it.

Now on to supply / demand.
Saturn restricts by nature, and Scorpio is fixed, immovable.

We have to prepare to actively generate flow whenever possible.

Physical reality begins with the MIND and WILL. 

Here are some guided questions to help solidify the boundaries of where you need to be headed.  These questions will alter perceptions  and create flow of supply.

For best results – be specific !
* Note: during metamorphosis, answers may change frequently – revisit if necessary !

1.  What do you physically need to live ?  Spiritually ?  Emotionally ?  

2.  What is your soul’s purpose ?  What is your powerful ally ?  Your greatest strength ?  What brings you your deepest joy ?  If you had unlimited time and funds – what would you be doing ?

3.  What do you feel you lack ?   Think about how to transform this energy ‘lack’ by giving back in that area.  The healer is also healed.

4. What do you have ?  List and be grateful.  Often.

5.  What can you give ?  Time, knowledge, wisdom, joy…?  All that and more ?  Share what you have in abundance.

6.  Are you open to giving and receiving ?  The giver also receives – it is an energy exchange.  Be open to accepting unusual gifts of spirit being delivered in unexpected ways.  The door opening for you may not be the door you knocked on, accept your soul growth with grace.

7.  Are you building bridges ?  Light a candle rather than curse the darkness. Giving and receiving creates friendships and strengthens bonds of fellowship.

peace, strength, flow & fellowship~