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110105intx5cyThough I have a great internal compass and sense of direction – I have a love of maps. (Mercury rules, is my MC planet)  Astrology is made of maps, and not only the natal map, but also what happens as the big wheel turns.

The sky when we were born kept right on moving and soon tossed us into another set of circumstances such as the first Mars return (every 2-21/2 years) around what is known as the terrible twos.

When my progressed Moon (feels) and Mars (action) were pulling the plow together in Capricorn (career, work, public) – I was filled with focused energy, I was seriously DRIVEN and THRIVING on WORK, writing, java, more work and maybe 4 hours sleep a night, and doing it well.  Friends were across the globe were saying  I can’t believe the hours I find you online up and writing.

Note: for those of you who think I am a little  O u t   T h e r e. . . my progressed Moon is zapping into Aqua soon, so I may go around fully around the bend at that time . . . we’ll see… HA !
Fair warning.


Outer planets move so slowly, they rarely progress into the next sign unless they are at 28-29 degrees of a sign in natal.  See Elijah Wood.
I only look at the outer progs as they relate to the personals.

When looking at progs, look to Sun and Moon, whatever sign they land in – you are learning and exploring the ENERGY of THAT SIGN now.

Inner planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars – look at them all – your planets are vacationing in those energies, learning the dialect, customs, digging in with the locals and hanging out. 

With Mars trine Saturn Rx ruler in natal, I work plenty with two jobs, but while prog Mars and Moon were tag teaming in Cap I was A MACHINE.

Look to MC, ASC – apply the same.
What natal house is brought to the MC ?

eg.  My MC is now in Sagittarius, (my natal 12 is brought to prog MC)  so I am revealing much of what has been hidden – though I am still cryptic because my progressed Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio.

Look to how your progressed planets are interacting with your natal planets.
When progressed planets are in aspect to natals, choices revolving around those planetary energies come to fruition – growth and change is highlighted.

Drop progs into your natal and watch the transits spearheading growth as they fly by.

We have a choice.
Always a choice…

Respond high qi or low qi.
Bend or break.
Adaptation, improvisation.
Rise UP

Peace out


Four of Pents; building of abundance
aka. Cranky Old Cuss Saturn

Sorry all, last night’s post was a bit of a whine and a crank.  
It is no secret I am less than fond of anything transiting Cancer, I have been quite well behaved considering the plethora of planets passing through.  Jupiter hit me with a flaming arrow, and it ticked me off.  The internal dialogue of a Capricorn rising while the outer heavies ride/whip my ass ?
Work harder.  You could have THIS if you THAT.  yadda yadda yadda
Transiting Jupiter moving to square my natal Old Cuss in Aries which has Uranus Rx nearly conjunct while Pluto squares it.  The internal pressure I am under to produce and produce quickly is off. the. charts.
Mercury is trine my Chiron and I am hot to trot to finish and wrap UP two lists as long as both arms so we can heal and move forward.  As if that alone isn’t enough incentive, transiting Venus is moving through Virgo and will soon meet up with my natal Sun/Uran/Pluto.
Progressed Venus on Uranus; progressed Moon, Mars in Capricorn.
Like I said, Dray Horse.
So if I go a couple evenings without making a post, that means the next one is a biggie.
I will continue to post over lunch if I can.
I have a timeframe in mind, an order – they are on their way.
You know who you are.



Hey, it’s me again

Figured as much.
Mars nearly trine my Toro Moon and I am on a Robin Zander bender.

Another Robin Zander bender, more like, lol.

Cheap Trick should be in the Hall of Fame already !
April 1st is Cheap Trick Day in Illinois by law.  hee love that.

Robin’s Toro Moon (exalted) and Jupiter conjunct my Moon, which means they also trine my Virgo Stellium. Robin’s Pisces Venus (exalted) Mars conjunction is trine my Neptuner.  His Aquarius Sun and Cap Mercury also trine my stellium. Robin’s Leo Pluto is conjunct my Venus Jupiter conjunction. My Leo stuff also sextiles his Saturn Neptune conjunction in Libra. My Libra Mercury is conjunct his Saturn Neptune. My Moon sextiles his Cancer Uranus….so is plenty fair to say, I liiiike him

My Mom (Sag rising)  took me to see Cheap Trick, (my first I asked for live show- Kris Kristofferson was a gifty first when my Mom opted out) which of course is reflected in the natals.  ie: My Mom’s Venus and Mars are both trine Robin’s Saturn/ Neptune in Libra.  His Venus and Mars conjunction trines her Cancer Pluto.  There’s more, but you get the idea.  My former husband who has heard them live several times at my request has good synastry with Robin too, their Moons are conjunct too, for starters.

Everyone we meet we have some sort of energetic reaction with, a grinding or an ease.

Growth is located in the squares and oppositions – we work to release the pressure – but too many and there is a break.  outta here !

Learning astrology is more than just the natal, it is understanding the transits and progressions too…

Transits are the global vibe – what is up there in the sky happening now.

Progressions are your personal chart  forwarded to reflect your growth to date.

When reading progressions,
Look to your progressed Sun for insights into where your awareness is focused.

The Moon shows where your feelings are living.

Check to see what natal house has progressed to the ascendant, there will be a focus on the activities of that house.

Check out your angular planets 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th for they are strong areas of focus.

Compare your progressed Moon phase with that of the progressed Sun – new moons are beginnings, full moons are culminations, waning moons signify endings.

Note if any planets have just switched signs, it will be felt.

Also compare your progressed with your natal, conjunctions and squares being very important.

When progressions activate the natal and transits activate both, there is an event.

I will use myself as an example:  Work, work, work it’s all about the work. sheesh. ha
My progressions in a nutshell: 2nd house (work) Aquarius brought to the ascendant. Saturn (my natal ruler, rules work) in the 1st opposite Venus (love, creativity and money) which is not so happily squeezed between game changers Uranus and Pluto in the 7th.  Sun in Scorpio keeping company with Mercury under good aspect, thankfully !  Mars tightly conjunct Moon (10 and 11 degrees respectively) in Capricorn square Saturn.
(work ! + lots of it – also a bit cranky is an understatement, lol)

Recent transit that boggled me was Pluto direct (Pluto stationed retrograde at 9 degrees Cap April 13th.) nearly conjunct progressed Mars and Moon.  As Pluto activated progressed Mars and Moon it was also squaring my natal Saturn at 9 Aries, and coming to trine my natal Moon in Taurus.  Someone, yes a man from my past came calling and pretty much rocked my world.  Again.

That’s all I am saying about that transit + dude, prog Merc is in Scorpio 8th, after all. lol

This post has been Gemini all over the place, I was indeed thinking Venus retrograde when I posted Voices, not feeling the Pluto love at the mo….so that Pluto post I promised… I was thinking it would have to wait, then I ended up talking about Pluto anyway.
Ah well…prog Venus attracts the odd Pluto blurt despite my efforts – it is squashed between my natal Virgo Sun + Uranus (Pluto conjunction) and transiting Mars is coming to activate them – so may as well roll out the surf the surprises red carpet.

I hope you understand my meaning….
peace out peeps ~

something stirs

The stars are veiled. Something stirs in the East.  A sleepless malice.
The eye of the enemy is moving.

He is HERE.
I’m mainlining Pluto – you ?  Mars and Uranus too, the whole lot, hackles are up and cursing is online.  I am having the righteous indignation transit in spades.  Going nuclear over idiotic annoyances.  Can’t seem to beg steal or borrow zen.
My night off bit the dust as soon as I walked in the door – night off ? Zen ?  HA !
I am too busy slaying dragons for zen.  I am Zen Dragon.  My new mantra, lol.
I will make this short.  For your sake.  Get to the astro and otherwise, STFU.
Progressions.  Looked at yours ?  The angles are the most important.
1st, 4th, 7th, 10th.   What is going on there ?  It will add dimension guaranteed.

Where is your Moon ?  You will feel your progressed Moon.
Look to what house has progressed to the angles. 
Weave between the natal progressions and transits to build your story. 
Progressions will activate what is present in the natal. 

For example, my progressed Moon is square progressed Venus which has just passed over natal Uranus.  I started this site roughly 7 months ago because my feelings, my love for astrology had to be expressed.
Moon = feelings.  square = internal. Venus = love  Uranus= astrology.
Mercury = expression / healing (Chiron)

Another example, my progressed Moon is in Capricorn, not the easiest place since Moon fluctuates, likes room to move and Capricorn steadies and solidifies.  My progressed Moon is conjunct Mars.  Feeling aggressive and issues with males – yes.
Yet : Mars is exalted in Capricorn so I work, work and work.  This turns out to be a very good thing… because…

My seventh house is locked and loaded – Venus is crammed between Uranus and Pluto.  That’s serious change -ups in love $$ and dealing with others.  Uranus, in the seventh, which rules astrology is opposite Saturn in the first, which is work and self.
I am finding the compromise between the two.
Progressed ASC is my natal 2nd house my $$, worth, esteem.
Progressed MC is conjunct natal Mars in Sagittarius, so work lots, sleep little.
Progressed DC is on natal Jupiter, learning and teaching.

Transit Mars applies again to natal Pluto, while transit Pluto applies to natal Saturn.
Hammering out the Virgo details, the forge the hammer and steel.
work. work. work.

I love this pic… everyone in the Helm’s deep scenes filmed – in the dark – in the rain – for weeks.  A labour of love.  Peter is keen on the fight scenes, obviously.  What grandeur the cast and crew created by slogging it out in the rain and mud, yes..?!

What is worth fighting for ?
Mars demands the answer and will go through hell to get it.

Zen Dragon