Four of Pents; building of abundance
aka. Cranky Old Cuss Saturn

Sorry all, last night’s post was a bit of a whine and a crank.  
It is no secret I am less than fond of anything transiting Cancer, I have been quite well behaved considering the plethora of planets passing through.  Jupiter hit me with a flaming arrow, and it ticked me off.  The internal dialogue of a Capricorn rising while the outer heavies ride/whip my ass ?
Work harder.  You could have THIS if you THAT.  yadda yadda yadda
Transiting Jupiter moving to square my natal Old Cuss in Aries which has Uranus Rx nearly conjunct while Pluto squares it.  The internal pressure I am under to produce and produce quickly is off. the. charts.
Mercury is trine my Chiron and I am hot to trot to finish and wrap UP two lists as long as both arms so we can heal and move forward.  As if that alone isn’t enough incentive, transiting Venus is moving through Virgo and will soon meet up with my natal Sun/Uran/Pluto.
Progressed Venus on Uranus; progressed Moon, Mars in Capricorn.
Like I said, Dray Horse.
So if I go a couple evenings without making a post, that means the next one is a biggie.
I will continue to post over lunch if I can.
I have a timeframe in mind, an order – they are on their way.
You know who you are.