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HoOoRAY ! !
I thought this photo was lost forevah !

Venus is conjunct Moon in Taurus at 22 degrees, and that’s exact opposite my natal Neptune.  I love  this photo (Neptune rules film and art) and this is my home (Moon rules) and a spider’s web (Neptune rules nets) that has a mysterious little teenie weenie web on the far upper right.
Moon & Neptune rule mysteries and mine are opposite each other in my natal.

Anyway, my lunch is over, but I am curious…how are you Feeling (Moon) about Art, Love and Money all the things Venus rules ?

Taurus says it’s mine, so whatever your feelings are, Own Them !

spider totem info here and here and here


zig zag moon

I went all Virgo persnickety on my yard today – mowed, and yanked a ton of weeds so this dark Virgo moon I can rest easy knowing my inside and outside chores are done.  A happy Virgo is a Virgo with work completed (Virgo is the sign of work and service).
The cool thing is what stopped me dead in my tracks ! 
I brake ( break ! ) for critters.

I just had to get a pic of this most beautiful, groovy (Saturn-ruled) spider and her web.

How appropriate my new spider friend is a Nephila, or ‘fond of spinning’, as I have been having a weird spun-out, emotional weekend.   Transiting Jupiter is nearly conjunct my natal 4th house Moon/Neptune opposition my emotional geiger counter is c-c-clicking !
I need a distraction, so here are some pics (Neptune) from my home (4th house) !

Golden silk orb-weavers  are sometimes referred to as writing spiders due to occasional zigzag patterns called stabilimenta  (web decorations) built into their webs.  There are many theories as to why the spiders spin such patterns, such as they make shiny UV attractors, excess silk, but the coolest theory is because they like the patterns, it is their spider artHow cool is that ?!

I’m going with aesthetics, because I once saw a large web with a teeny-weenie miniature web (just like the big one) in the far upper right corner of the web.  I often wondered if it was a practice web, wall art or maybe a guest bed…who knows..?!  I keep an eye out just in case I see another someday.

If my theory is true, it would mean spiders are not only Saturn-ruled, but also Venus (art) ruled.  This particular spider often kills her mate, so better toss in some Mars and Pluto as well.
What do you think….?

I looked up spider totem, and it is spot-on because I wasn’t even going to post this evening….and just as I waited for the page to load, I glanced at the clock- 11:11 !   (manifestation time)
So groOovy…let’s all see the web of life during the dark Virgo Moon !

Spider helps understanding of illusions and reality, spiritual and physical balance, awakens sensibilities and weaves influences in development in your own world, stay focused on the center of things.  Spider is gentleness and strength and will remind you of this pattern. She also will aid in communications and the written word.

Web of Life

This is a Darwins Bark spider web…a very impressive piece of work !

Spiders are Saturn ruled, of course !  
The long-term builders of the zodiac, the patient ones because they have to be.
Capricorn types able to climb the mountain / build the web when the going gets tough.
I am Saturn-ruled, and I love spiders.

Spiders (8 legs) have the vibration of strength and willpower.  Eight here.

Spiders spin incredibly strong silk webs.  Spider silk is ruled by Neptune, as are nets, and poison.  Spiders use poison to sting their prey so they can wrap them up for a snack later !
Orb spider webs are spiral.  Spirals and vibrations (indicate prey caught in web) are ruled by Uranus, as are science and astrology !
Just wait until you read where this post ends up, spiral indeed…and oh.. so Saturn.

Spiders spin many different types of webs each depending on what the spider needs for the time/place.

When I look at my natal map and the current planetary transits to it — I see a giant web of life, my life–when one silken strand snaps, I build another somewhere else to shore up the loose end.  Don’t we all…?  Better to focus on what needs done than dwell on what didn’t work out.  Tie a knot and move on.
Special shout-out to my Virgos, next time someone is up your whatzit about being too Virgo… just remember : we see the web of life.

Zoologist Ingi Agnarsson and colleagues have found Darwin’s bark spider webs as wide as 82 feet (25 meters)—about as long as two city buses.  WoW.

A close relative to the spider above, the Nephila komaci has an unusual mating ritual.
The female of the species has a leg span of up to 5 inches (12 centimeters), while the male—which spends much of its time clambering on its partner’s back—barely reaches an inch (2.5 centimeters), a new study says.
Highlight below if you want to know what it is …
~> In addition, the males are “sort of fanatically monogamous” during their roughly one-year life spans…when ready to mate, a male will usually make his move when the female is molting, he added.  Her legs are soft and her body’s soft, and she can’t prevent being inseminated by the male,” Coddington said. “Once he’s inseminated her, he’ll break off his genitalia in hers, thereby plugging her up.” The male, which is left sterile, then drives away other males until he dies. This strategy should stymie other males’ mating attempts—though some females have been found with several dismembered male organs lodged inside them, he said.

source for the above:

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