Tune UP

Solfeggio frequency :: 417 Hz ::
Meditation to translate denser energies into their HIGHER OCTAVES.

Mercurial Communication ::: vibrates higher into ::: Uranian Intuition

Venusian personal love, creativity, money :::::: vibrates higher into :::: Neptunian Divine love, inspired creativity and sharing with the All One

Mars personal will, outward energy ::: vibrates higher into ::: Plutonian divine will, and inner transformative power known as metamorphosis 


astro hunting 101

Aries fire rushes in – hunt and gather.  Cardinal
Leo fire is attracting – sun, magnetic.   Fixed
Sagittarius fire is chased – they travel, whomever pursues.  Mutable

Taurus earth wants their energy with them.  Fixed
Virgo will serve earth energy to you.   Mutable
Capricorn earth will actively seek their work and yours too.  Cardinal

Gemini air shares ideas with everyone within earshot.  Mutable
Libra air attracts (Venus) and gathers ideas to share with close associates.  Cardinal
Aquarius air knows its own mind, and  the group mind, shares with the world.  Fixed

Cancer water clings to beloved and home base – gathers family around.  Cardinal
Scorpio water draws emotions to them with the intensity of a black hole.   Fixed
Pisces water serenely soaks loved ones in elusive emotional mist and fog.  Mutable


Birds, Bells & Benders

Well that  didn’t take long.  Venus into Cancer was promptly christened with waterworks.  Yee gads, spinning Wille / Kris & Songwriter – my Dad’s copy on vinyl.  Wore out my cassette, found it in my Dad’s stuff after he died.  Nothing says I miss my Dad and brother like an Outlaws bender.  Cancer is family after all….

My apologies to any and all shellfish for calling Cancer touchie-feelie this week. 

Here’s why I do…
Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) opposes Cancer – they naturally need to compromise….
My Aries Saturn, squares Cancer – they naturally need to shift power and re-focus.

I am Cap rising, Saturn is my ruler meaning I approach life seriously, slowly and with concentration and tremendous effort.  I like it no muss, no fuss – straight shooters.  Say what you mean & do what you say.  Cancer does everything through feelings, which from my standpoint can become the undertow far too quickly. My Aries Saturn Rx flips Cancer the bird from the third.  Pffft.  Seventh house, relationships squareSquareSQUARE.  ‘Pity ? Party of One your table is ready.’

gets. on. my. last. nerve.

It has to said, I have plenty of love, caring and nurturing instincts – it’s the moody, clingy emotionally overwrought wishy-washy energies that do me no good. After 15 minutes I become my own drill sgt.  suck it UP sweetheart !  Yeah you are still single – it could be worse – get. ovah. it !   Get UP and Get to WORK !

Light candles, incense, ring some bells – gain ALTITUDE – pronto !

Then I do what any good Virgo stellium would do – I dismantle the bomb.  Pick it apart and solve it.   Here’s how:

Find YOUR squaring houses and work your puzzle, your way.  

Aries squares my Cap ASC and my Cancer DC.  Internally (eternally ?  sheesh.) at war with self (1st) and others (7th).  How the heck do I get out of it..?
Third house communicates – just by being here writing, I have solved one thing.  Second, my Aries Saturn Rx opposes my 9th (but trines Sag Mars) – by teaching I find compromise with others.  [ * waves * How ya’ll doin’ out there ? ]

Squares lead to the greatest growth in the natal chart because they are internal tension you can tap into everyday to find powerful metamorphosis.

Oppositions show up when other people do.  So hermits have oppositions with bears and moose, I guess, lol.  You shall not pass … or something.  haha  You get what I am saying.

For help solving oppositions, find the midpoint energies. 

For instance in my chart Toro Moon opposes Scorpio Neptune.  The midpoint between the two (square) lands me in Aquarius, an empty house – yet Aquarius is humanitarian and ruled by Uranus – astrology.  My Uranus is conjunct 9th house Sun – a benefic – so count Sun as a powerful ally.  Answer is: I quit drinking, etc.. and funnelled all my Loonie Lunar Neptuner sensitivity into astrology & divination for the WIN !
WoOo HooOo !

Also note: Aquarius on the second can mean two jobs, self – employed or made, infrequent or unsteady income.

Or… in my case, working my ass off to make more moola (2nd house) by initiating work in the intuitive arts so I can keep my house.
(aka – Hello Aries NN in the 4th !)

questions welcome
peace out

Your density

Dark Side of the Mystery – Enkel Dika

…I’m your density… ! 
~ George McFly

I want a clever futuristic kid with an inventor sidekick arranging my hook-ups, lol.
Instead, it looks like I’m gonna have to pack up my North Node of Destiny and lug it into the future like everyone else.
South Node indicates where you have already been.
North Node indicates where you are going ~ your destiny.

The lunar nodes are the orbital nodes of the Moon, that is, the points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic.  South Node is always opposite the North Node in the natal chart.

North Node is known as the dragon’s head (Caput Draconis, or Anabibazon).
It is considered benefic, Jupiterian in influence. (expansive)

South Node is known as the dragon’s tail (Cauda Draconis, or Catabibazon).
It is considered malefic, Saturnian in influence.  (restrictive)

If you have South Node conjunct a planet in your natal chart, it will be a place you will feel past karmic ties – work the energies of that planet – metamorph it in order to move toward your future, the North Node.  North Node influences generally begin to kick it into high gear in the late 30’s early 40’s.
Unless you know Marty McFly, then you got a leg up.

If you have a planet conjunct the North Node it is an immediate tip-off to what your vehicular transport into the future will be.  Mercury – communication, Venus – creativity, Mars – athletics, that’s of course, very general, but you get the idea.

Direct contacts are your first clue, then look to where North Node lives by sign and house, and the planet that rules that house. 

For instance, I am North Node Aries with 11th house Mars in Sagittarius quintile Uranus, Mars trine Saturn Rx in the 3rd.  Astrological writing.

North Node traits to develop
Aries or 1st house : trailblazing, self-reliance, personal ego
Taurus or 2nd house : self-worth, patience, boundaries
Gemini or 3rd house : communication, thinking, curiosity, trading ideas
Cancer or 4th house : empathy, nurturing, expressing feelings
Leo or 5th house : taDA ! it’s me, enthusiastic creativity, fun, willpower
Virgo or 6th house : organization, routine, analyzing details
Libra or 7th house : diplomacy, balance, cooperation with others
Scorpio or 8th house : awareness of power, merging, catalyst for change
Sagittarius or 9th house : explore world & ideas, philosophy, trust in higher power
Capricorn or 10th house : self-control, discipline, goal setting, commitment
Aquarius or 11th house : unique viewpoints, equality of people, worldview
Pisces or 12th house : imagination, mysticism, cosmic connections

South Node is familiar, easier – the worn groove, been there, done that.
North Node is the path you have to bushwhack – infinitely more rewarding !

If you meet someone with North Nodal contacts to your chart look to the energy connection to see where you both will benefit.
For instance, Mars on your North Node would inspire you to action in some way, Pluto would completely change your life for the better….

If you meet someone with South Nodal contacts to your chart, you have work to do with this person that was not completed in your last life.  The energies will need working through until they are either released or metamorphosed so you can move into your North Node future.

I met someone who had Jupiter smack on my Aries North Node.
Obviously beneficial.  North Node AND Jupiter.
I learned (Sag/Jupiter) astrology by studying in order to write (Saturn trine Mars quintile Uranus) his natal chart.  I taught him (North Node on his Jupiter) about the spiritual side (Sag is my 12th house sign) of space objects.

Find and fulfill your destiny~
Zeus, Clash of the Titans


BAM ! kerPOW !


Superpowers activate!
Form of a ____ !

Me…?…I’ve always wanted :

1. flight  (Sun conjunct Uranus – Uranus rules flight)
 2. speed (Mercury most elevated at MC, see Uranus above)
 3. mental telepathy (Neptune most highly aspected, Neptune rules telepathy)
 4. time travel (Saturn chart ruler- rules time- trine Mars in Sag- long dist. travel)
 5. sorcery (Venus conjunct Jupiter / Pluto in 8th house – 8th rules desire for power)
 6. teleportation (strong in Sagittarius – dissaparation is definitely desired)
 7. healing (Virgo stellium, Neptune most highly aspected)

Now how about you…?….

Aries gotta go with strength here, Super Mars Me !
Taurus going with Bene Gesserit- precision of senses, better yet – Hermione’s bag, lol.
Geminis going with super hearing, speed, Babblefish universal translation powers. Cancers want a force field, camouflage.  betcha !
Leos supernova projection laser beam blingy type powers – make you go WoW.
Virgos mental telepathy, x-ray vision to clean you up from the inside out..!
Libras how about Wonder Woman’s truth telling rope ?  A mighty sword of Justice ?
Scorpios soopersecret invisibilty and superhealing regeneration of bone, muscle, skin.
Sagittarians want to teleport – anywhere in the world – be cool yeah ?!
Capricorns want time travel, pretty sure about that. Kick ole cuss Saturn into gear.
Aquariansalready endowed, lol. They may love telekinesis…bend to my gigantic mind !
Pisces gotta go with weather: storms, fog, tornadoes. Whip up your own atmo…

Whaddaya think..?
What’s YOUR superpower ?


squares vs. oppositions

So I’m thinking Sam has Jupiter conjunct Frodo’s Saturn.

Yeah right ?!  I want my own gardener, protector, carry me and the Devils ring up the mountain dude too. haha   Who doesn’t ?

My former husband’s Jupiter was conjunct my natal Saturn Rx exact – trust me it was awesome, very beneficial ~

Venus is conjunct Jupiter in Taurus – big giant earth trine above us, and I am thinking Hobbits. Hobbits are super – mega earth – they stick around when the going gets tough.  I get  Sam, all the hobbits, really – I am Cap rising, Saturn ruler, Moon in Toro, Virgo stellium.  I garden, hunt mushrooms, and I’ve tossed back a few pints in my day.

Sam is heroic in my book, as are the rest of the fellowship.

Each was dealing with personal conflicts (squares), dynamics within the fellowship + orcs  (oppositions), and they were power operating together (conjunctions).

I have the most trouble with my Scorpio Neptune squares to Venus conj Jupiter in Leo 8th.  My Neptune opposition to Moon is no picnic, but the squares were (are) my huge hurdle.

I go on a quite a bit about heroes here, and for the record- you can count me out as far as vacuous celebs and murderers are concerned – they have had the mic long enough !   Here you will find people I find worthy of emulating, people who inspire through overcoming huge personal obstacles.

 Some natal charts have only squares, some only oppositions – Georgia O’Keefee for example, only had oppositions – no squares.

Think of her life, it becomes obvious – she was her own woman, very self- assured, an art rebel.  She ditched the lucrative glad-handing NY arts scene for an adobe home in the middle of no + where ( it is – I’ve been there, and I love New Mexico, I mean no disrespect, I am a small town gal myself) to do her own thing.

So I am thinking she most admired those people who rescued others.

By the same reasoning, I am thinking those who have difficult squares in their own natal are most inspired by those who overcome personal obstacles.

What say you ?


knock, knock

1, 5, 9 are the personal houses
1 – physical body, style of competition

5 – love and expression
9 – spirit in human experience

2, 6, 10 are the material houses
2 – worldly possessions

6 – health, routine
10 – social status, prestige

3, 7, 11 are the social houses
3 – siblings

7 – partner of the heart
11 – friends

4, 8, 12 are the houses of emotions & endings
4 – womb and the tomb
8 – death & rebirth
12 – cosmic connections