Moon in Aquarius

Venus into Sagittarius
10:38pm CST, USA

The Doctor.

I loOove the Doctor.  
A quirky humanitarian (Aquarius) time traveler, saving life forms, indeed – entire worlds across time and space. (Sun rules not only heroes, but also the heart – and the Doc has two; Sagittarius rules long distance travel)

He is a brilliant combo of clever geek and cheeky party crasher – game for fun, yet deadly serious when any life form is threatened.  The Doctor is packing a wealth of experience and knowledge garnered across time and space over many lifetimes, many  regenerations.

His wits are his weapon.  He refuses all firearms – only using his sonic screwdriver, ‘which does not kill, wound or maim’, and the help of loyal friends travelling with him.

Interesting bit written into the plotlines over and over again – he sometimes goes a bit Gung Ho, suffers from a God Complex and needs a stiff shot of Saturn reality check from his mates to set him straight.  The brilliant, clever Doctor also needs the help of friends.

Good friends are ruled by Venus and Aquarius.
 Moon is in eccentric Aquarius, and soon, Venus will enter Sagittarius where she will meet up with Mercury, trine Uranus in Aries while she also squares Neptune and Chiron In Pisces.  So heads UP, I’m gonna talk about LoOove baby !

Venus needs friends.
The Doctor needs his mates to pull him back from over zealous, self-righteous anger and the edge of wrath.  He needs his friends to help him SEE, to help him widen his circle of perspective.

Yesterday in comments I mentioned the planetary heart grid.  I actually think there are multiples of grids connecting us through ALL our energetic points, ie: Vishudda (throat) chakras via speech/ mass comms, the Muladhara (root) chakras via collective instincts, etc… you get the idea.

The electromagnetics of the heart are connected into the electromagnetics of the earth, the electromagnetics of all life forms on the planet.  We feel the electromagnetic connection between all life, everywhere, through the beat of our hearts.
FYI: by everywhere, I mean across time, off planet and beyond . . .

When I asked ‘how wide is your circle ?’, I was aiming to get you (and me) – thinking.

Who or what do you let into your circle ?
Into your heart ?
This is the glyph for Sun.  Sun rules the heart, the number
What I am saying is we are ALL IN THE SAME CIRCLE.

I am in yours, you are in mine.  We are in a soul contract, all earthkind HERE and NOW are working together to LEARN and GROW.  In fact, everything everywhere is in one big ginormous contract, to be honest.  We need each other – each and every one – we are in a global symbiotic relationship.  I almost wrote symbionic, which oddly enough, is a true mistake. Working together, we are better, stronger, faster.


Venus needs friends.

Venus needs friends to pull her back from the edge, to lift her up and give her love and compassion in order for her to gain equilibrium and peace of mind.  All life on this planet is both capable of loving and in need of love – those that are seemingly devoid of love need it the most, for how else will they heal if not through love ?
Hate does not heal – love heals.
We are all in the same circle.

Fire signs are the courageous leaders of the zodiac, people often turn to them for answers in troubled times.  Those with strong Jupiter or Sagittarius energy are also sought for answers, for they SEE farther, they are the sign of higher mind.

I got news for you, we don’t have all the answers either.  I asked the whole world for an answer one sunny afternoon a coon’s age ago . . .and got a plethora of answers, all from different eyes, but the Same Heart Place.

Ultimately there is only ONE answer.

Venus is personal love while Neptune is her higher octave, spiritual compassion.
High qi Neptune is the light bearer for the spiritual Sun, she will raise human perceptions to the divine.
She teaches the art of letting go . . . the art of going with the flow of each moment as it unfolds.  Birth, life, death and re-birth, it is the way.  Love transcends all these stages of energy, all times, all places . . . love transcends all boundaries.

::: Let us have love and more love; a love that melts all opposition, a love that conquers all foes, a love that sweeps away all barriers, a love that aboundeth in charity, a large-heartedness, tolerance, forgiveness, and noble striving, a love that triumphs over all obstacles :::
Abdul Baha

peace be with you
amin mela lle

American Made Midas Maven

Margaret Dunning with her 1930 Packard 740 Roadster

This lovely lady is amazing !

Margaret has been a gearhead since the age of 8 (when she first drove), she still drives her 82 year old car, she is 102, and she just won a scholarship to go back to school and finish her business degree.  Holy cow – I’ll have what she’s having !  Obviously, she’s got an Aquarian edge somewhere and some good Saturn happening.

She’s a Cancer with Moon in Aquarius.  Uranus in Capricorn with Saturn in Taurus, which I have to admit is what I went looking for, but instead was amazed by her business acumen and stunning money aspects*.  Cancers are known for business, though they are a bit more discreet than Capricorns (their opposite sign), they are on the same wavelength of gather, rinse, repeat.

Her Royal Flush / Midas touch is she is positively oozing Venus, so cool !
* Venus = $$

She is a conservative, cautious but extremely lucky gambler: Mars in Leo on the decan of Sun, square Saturn, but sextile Jupiter
Her Cancer Sun is on the decan of Moon, sextile Toro Saturn – excellent $$ instincts

Margaret has two planets ruling their signs:
Mercury in Gemini
Venus in Taurus*  conjunct North Node of Destiny (benefic)

Jupiter trines both of these planets (out of sign) from the other Venus-ruled house, Libra
Jupiter = BIGGIE SIZE ME in any aspect
Lucky Jupiter is her most highly aspected planet

Check this out: Margaret has 3 planets on the decan of Venus

Cha – ching  ! *

Factoid: Margaret served on the board of Community Federal Credit Union in Plymouth from 1962 to 1984, and was president of the board for 19 of those years.The assets of the Credit Union increased from $1 million to $40 million during those years.

So the surprise scholarship with free car care products for the gearhead who started driving on a Model T and has lovingly restored a :
– 1931 Ford Model A
– 2003 Cadillac DeVille
– 1906 Model N Ford
– 1930 convertible Cadillac DeVille

Uranus in Capricorn (business degree) on the decan of Mercury (octaves of thinking, learning, intuition) trine Toro Venus which trines Jupiter Libra (free money for going back to school).

Margaret is a real sweetheart, Venus ! * Jupiter ! Cancer Sun !  and has donated much time (see Saturn on Venus), volunteered for the Red Cross, has donated scads of money to her community, helping build a library, a historical museum, and she also runs a private grantmaking foundation.

She’s my new shero !
Cheers Margaret ~


Charles Vess

Venus in Libra = comparison contrast.
My mind is on how love feels through my Neptunian lens of the zodiac

I have made time with Uranian types…every time I was in the vicinity of one in particular it felt like I was holding onto a LIVE WIRE.   Good I suppose if you are into thrills and chills, but if you don’t like it you’re in for a ride until the current passes through you :: it lets go of you, you don’t let go of it. :: Uranus Venus contacts in the natal can be shocking, jolting, and begin / end in a hot firecracker lightning flash.  

Venus / Uranus contacts in synastry will be the spark and undercurrent needed to keep the relationship blood thumping and pumping – the heart is electrical, after all.

How does love flow for Venus Neptune people ?

I have an 8th house Leo Venus square Scorpio Neptune.  

My particular Venus Neptune aspect equals immersion, illusion and often delusion in love.  Upsets, shocks and surprises (Neptuner on 11) followed by faerie tale glamour, and what I call the fishie flip / flop: crystal clear insight / inability to see clearly – and who knows which one it actually is …?

Slipping through the net, evasion / persuasion is all part of my love life, or former love life that is.  I am the happily single mystical hermit jedi chick.  

Through years of suffering the low side of Neptuner, I am now acutely aware of how I need to use Scorpio power to metamorph inwardly, rather than wring the life out of someone in my clutches.
Scorpio desires. Venus attracts.  I stopped craving the illusion, and instead found reality through Saturn – metaphysical research and this work in progress you read here at GMA.
The love I seek is solid, dependable and true.

From every power that holds the world in chains, humans free themselves when self-control they gain.


seed of life and love


The Seed of Life is a stage before the Flower of Life which produces the Fruit of Life. The Fruit of life is the blueprint of the universe; it contains every atom, molecular structure, life form and eventually everything in existence. The Seed and Flower are heavily associated with the Biblical prophet Enoch and the Archangel Metatron that Jewish mystical medieval literature states that Enoch became.  The seed of life was completed on the sixth day of creation.

The six sided hexagon is fashioned by bees in honeycombs – it is the most efficient form of storage with the least amount of materials.

Water crystals freeze into hexagonal shapes.

Water memory of the word Eternal.
Masuro Emoto

Water memory of the words Thank you.

Six is both the sum (1+ 2 + 3) and the product (1 x 2 x 3) of the first three numbers, for this reason, 6 is considered ‘perfect’.

The six days of creation in Genesis parallels the sum 1 + 2 + 3;  on day 1 light was created; on days 2 and 3 Heaven and Earth were created; on days 4, 5 and 6 all living creatures were created.  The 7th day was a day of rest.

The number six is ruled by Venus, giving six the vibration of compassion, social consciousness and balance within flux.

Those with life path six want to maintain harmony in the self, family and community at large – they are creative, loving healers and seek to be of service.  This is a number of adjustments – sixes make great counselors and teachers, who walk the path of truth and justice.

Sixes are here to learn personal balance – how to avoid over-sacrifice and a tendency to try to save the world.   Blessed with an abundance of creativity, charm and charisma, sixes are well-liked and have many friends.  Having an innate talent for business, they are savvy in the fields of material supply and demand and money comes easily to those sixes who use these talents.


fun & games

Transit Venus conjuncts my Leo Venus
I want some fun and games
YaY !
join me ?

I have seen it
yes I have
tiny bit of movement below for those who
can’t see stereograms

for those who require the electric
or just LOVE IT like me
this one’s
for you

want more ?
see funhouse in drop down menu

This has been your
Mercury ::: Uranus

perception ::: reception
octave activate

exercise for this evening
Thank you.

light bringer

photo: Detlef Koschny Venus transit Sun 2004

Venus trivia for stargazers:

The ancient name for Venus was ‘Lucifer’, which means ‘light bringer’, from lucem ferre.
  Venus was once thought to be two different stars, the evening star (Vesper) and the morning star (Lucifer).  The orbit of Venus forms a pentagram – click on the metaphysics of the Occultation link below for the video – it’s way cool !

Venus takes 243 Earth days to rotate on its axis – it rotates backwards – or retrograde, meaning on Venus the sun would rise in the west and set in the east.

The only planets known to have lightning are Venus, Earth, Saturn and Jupiter.  Venus is the only of these that has lightning, yet no water – instead lightning comes from clouds of sulfuric acid. The atmosphere of Venus absorbs all blue and ultraviolet wavelengths, which makes it a greenhouse planet. The surface of Venus is hot enough to melt lead at 870 degrees Farenheit : 465 degrees Celsius.  Winds on Venus travel roughly 224 miles (360 kilometers) per hour.

On June 5, 2012 USA, Venus will pass between the Earth and the Sun.
This is called the Occultation of Venus.  There have been all of 53 transits of Venus across the sun between 2000 B.C. and the last one in 2004. (NASA)

If you want the metaphysics, click here: Occultation of Venus .


If you’re in the western Pacific, eastern Asia and eastern Australia, you’ll get a great view of the entire event. North and Central America, and northern South America get the beginning of the transit (on June 5), but the sun will set before the event ends. Conversely, Europeans, as well as those watching in western and central Asia, eastern Africa and western Australia will get a glimpse at the tail end. (NASA)

Click here for the Live webcast via NASA. On June 5, 2012 USA.
I suggest you tune in – this will not happen again in our lifetimes !
The next one is in 2117.

I also found this great read, that explores the history of Venus occultations…
you may also like:
Cycles of the Heart
June 8, 2004 & June 5-6, 2012  By Nick Anthony Fiorenza

peace out peeps~

funhouse of mirrors

Chunli style by Artgerm

So here’s the deal, I have this  thing  about polarities.  I have always felt it, and life seems to toss odd situations at me right and left so I can learn the yin yang of life, the duality and the separateness that lies within the cosmic sea of All One.

My astro that supports this :
Mercury (dual in gender) at MC in Libra (balance between opposites)
Uranus (polarities) elevated, conjunct Sun
Chart ruler slow ass Saturn Rx in 3rd (Gemini rules) in gung ho to go Aries
Venus conjunct Jupiter in Look At Me Leo square (hides behind) giant Neptuner

You get the drift … an astrologer once told me I had an ‘easy’ chart.  Number one, that pissed me off, basically negated my entire life struggle in 5 words or less.
Number two, she didn’t look very closely in my opinion.

I have one visible opposition, but many by nature, simply by placement of being.

Do you see them in your chart ?
The invisible difficulties.

Gemini is Mercury ruled.
Mercury rules sight.
Mercury is the trickster.
Dual.  Polarities.

Mercury (along with Uranus) rules the vibrations that govern sight.
The optic lens reverses the image for our brain. (right side up, upside down)

I love the rad illustration at the top ~
look at her Gemini hands (left and right)
and all the air flowing around her.

Gemini is air or intellect.
Fast, flirty and fun.
Flighty and fickle.
Bores easily, likes to keep the energy moving around.
The idea swap meet.
Switch hitting.

Getting the polarites here ?

Gemini rules breath.
(right and left)
Venus in Gemini needs some breathing exercises for vocalists, click !

Mercury rules the brain ~ are you left or right brain ?
(Mars rules left hemisphere , Mercury right hemisphere)

Venus is in Gemini at the moment.
Venus rules  Love.  Art.  Money.

Gemini is versatile, clever, curious and nervous (rules the nervous system).

My Venus is on fire in water, fixed.
Venus cruising through Gemini is a whole other ballgame.
Mutable air is the intellectual presto – change-o. flip-flop, kinda weird, but breezy and bubbly. I like.

How is your Venus reacting..?
What is her natural habitat in your chart ?
How does your Venus think  in Gemini ?

I am right brained by nature.
Mercury elevated in Venus ruled Libra.
Venus expanded by Jupiter in creative Leo.
Neptune most highly aspected.  Artistic.
I see pictures, learn by seeing.
(Plus Sun Virgo stellium on 9th Sag house I SEE the big picture, but Virgo ANALYZES details – polarities again, see ?)

So here at GMA, this time I switch hit & Venus gets the Virgo shake-down science style.
Practical.  Logical.  What’s love got to do with it ?

Venus in Gemini is an opportunity to hop the fence and live the other side awhile.
Ya know, try it out, bust outta the box a bit.

In my case do story problems or something rational.
Yea right 4 people get off 6 people get on 5 miles later and how far till Albuquerque  always wanted to say ‘why’d ya get off the damn bus to begin with / take a fuqin taxi already !  Love numerology – hate math.  ta da !  polarites !

You get where I am going with this polarities business right…?
Venus is going to flip – flop !

Venus stations retrograde
24 degrees of Gemini on Tuesday May 15, 9:33am CST,USA

Venus stations direct
7 degrees of Gemini on Wednesday June 27 10:07am CST, USA

Retrograde motion means Venusian energies get shifted inward.

We will reflect (again polarities !) revise, and revision how we create love art money.
How we attract (Venus attracts) these things and  what is  our law of attraction ?

Do we really even want what we think we want ?

Appearances can be deceiving.
Mercury ruled Gemini house is the fun house of mirrors  with Venus in residence.

Go to your Taurus house, Libra house, Gemini house.
This will tell you where your thoughts will be dwelling during Venus retrograde.
…more on this later…

Thought precedes action.
Going visual again…
Jedi hand wave, “you want to go home and re-think your life.”

When Venus retrogrades – brainstorm !
::: try drawing on the right side of the brain, use color.
::: strategize, list by numbers , pros / cons, be rational.

Blessed be ~
The Divenusian.

Zen Ven


Venus rules applause, allies, artists and beauty.

She is the calm zen ruler
Taurus and Libra.

She rules sweet things for the senses.

Venus loves fashion and decorating
and the
all mighty dollar.

Venus rules love & money.

She is courteous, flirtatious, and friendly.

Venus can be lavish, vain, with a flair for the melodramatic.
  She can be a meddling match maker, prone to fads, flattery, and fickle.

She can bring happiness, harmony, reconciliation
and laughter.

She rules lovers, lingerie and pageants.
She is the pretty persuader who can play you.

Venus rules proposals and possessiveness.
She is sensual and has a special smile made just for you.
She is creative, a good tipper and she loves music.

I love peace of mind

om mani padme hum