Charles Vess

Venus in Libra = comparison contrast.
My mind is on how love feels through my Neptunian lens of the zodiac

I have made time with Uranian types…every time I was in the vicinity of one in particular it felt like I was holding onto a LIVE WIRE.   Good I suppose if you are into thrills and chills, but if you don’t like it you’re in for a ride until the current passes through you :: it lets go of you, you don’t let go of it. :: Uranus Venus contacts in the natal can be shocking, jolting, and begin / end in a hot firecracker lightning flash.  

Venus / Uranus contacts in synastry will be the spark and undercurrent needed to keep the relationship blood thumping and pumping – the heart is electrical, after all.

How does love flow for Venus Neptune people ?

I have an 8th house Leo Venus square Scorpio Neptune.  

My particular Venus Neptune aspect equals immersion, illusion and often delusion in love.  Upsets, shocks and surprises (Neptuner on 11) followed by faerie tale glamour, and what I call the fishie flip / flop: crystal clear insight / inability to see clearly – and who knows which one it actually is …?

Slipping through the net, evasion / persuasion is all part of my love life, or former love life that is.  I am the happily single mystical hermit jedi chick.  

Through years of suffering the low side of Neptuner, I am now acutely aware of how I need to use Scorpio power to metamorph inwardly, rather than wring the life out of someone in my clutches.
Scorpio desires. Venus attracts.  I stopped craving the illusion, and instead found reality through Saturn – metaphysical research and this work in progress you read here at GMA.
The love I seek is solid, dependable and true.

From every power that holds the world in chains, humans free themselves when self-control they gain.