FullSizeRender 5Oracle of the Radiant Sun

Three disks: the pentacle, the seal and the angel of the moon.
Appropriate, yes ?
Four (card) rules Saturn, wise experience.

Sensitivities are running high with Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries on the way.
It’s at 5:55 my time, natch.  Mars all over the shop.
(Mine quintiles Uranus, no sleep for days running.  Helmet & Shield.  Boundaries via Pluto in Capricorn.)

Five is rapid in nature, careless in action, speculative in temperament.  Above all, the vibration of five signals surprises – a need for freedom of action and movement.  Five is Mercurial, tricky – Uranus, its higher octave, moreso.  Have it 3x (Jupiter) over ?  and we are talking Ganesha energy in spades, and I have been getting 5:55 and 1:11, 11:11 in a constant stream for weeks.
Alarms going off at odd times which save me from oversleeping, you name it.
Uranus is miracles, angels + messages.

Uranus is seven – mysterious and different, in that it is a prime number – it cannot be obtained by multiplying two smaller numbers together.   Seven is choice and spiritual development.

This Full Moon sides up with Uranus opposing Sun and Venus and North Node of Destiny all of them square Pluto.   Uranus is the abnormal, the deviant, the detour, the interruption the innovator and the intuition.

Moon is emo, clingy.
Uranus separates.
Venusian glory seekers naturally attract, in this case – opposition – from those who will not be tamed, or (ahem.) ‘handled’.

Meanwhile Master Metamorph, Pluto squares off with both – rocket launchers set to destroy anything keeping us from our personal soul growth.

I usually write the eclipse interps a month in advance, but I have been too busy living this one.  (Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto in natal; lunar eclipse is vibrating my entire chart along IC/MC axis)  Stay tuned, full interp this eve.

I started feeling the pressure weeks ago, attracting the power trippers, the insidious sugar-coated poison I can sense a million miles away.

Venus & Uranus rule friends, while they oppose each other – both square Pluto ?   Frenemies.

This eclipse is Choice.
It is Intuition.
It is Power Properly Placed.
e.g. Personal metamorphosis rather than lording over others.

Mercury and its higher octave, Uranus in Cancer (Moon) indicate a deep instinctual subconscious knowing.
Trusting your gut to KNOW when to say ENOUGH.

Gneiss Moon

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