Year of the Neptune Dragon

January 23 2012 – February 9, 2013 
Year of the Water Dragon of the rain

Yang Dragons are protectors of the East.  They are associated with spring,  green/blue, the elements wood/water.  They control the rivers, rains and storms.  Naga (sanskrit for serpent-like creatures) protected Siddharta, Guatama (the Buddha) from wind and rain for seven days.

Visionary, outspoken Dragons (Chen) are blessed with vitality, health and enthusiasm.  Self-sufficient with a strong power of will, Dragon is a particularly lucky sign promising health, wealth and happiness.  Dragons are witty, restless, freedom-loving and secretly enjoy shocking others with their eccentric behavior.  Dragons are incredibly perceptive, imaginative, intuitive and drawn to the inexplicable.  Dragons are original, admired and loved but they often prefer to remain at a distance.  They are rational yet their actions are most often driven by instinct.  Dragons are flamboyant, unpredictable, assertive and crave the limelight.

Dragons are especially compatible with Monkeys, Rats and Snakes.
Famous Dragons: Salvador Dali, Charles Darwin, Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, Oscar Wilde

Water as an element is receptive, passive and reflective and flows around  obstacles.

Water (in frozen and liquid form) covers 75 % of the Earth’s surface.
The human body is 70 % water, blood 80%‚ brain 75%‚ liver 96% water.

Water conducts electricity which makes it the medium of bio-electricity in all living things. The Water Dragon known as the electric eel can produce up to 1,000 volts with a current up to one ampere.

Electrolytes become ions (click here for more on ions) in water and conduct electricity.
 Drink plenty of water – especially in Water Dragon years in order to maintain electrolyte balance within the body.

Water Dragons are shape-shifters, revered and worshipped in the east- they are protective, humane and benevolent benefactors.  Water turns Dragons protection towards matters of the heart and emotions of fellow human beings.  Water Dragons are naturally drawn to metaphysics and intuitive arts.  Water Dragons advocate justice, are humanitarians and are more willing to share than other Dragons.  Water Dragons are optimistic and see things objectively.  They know the ring of truth and are fluent communicators, open to new ideas and experiences.

Year of the Water Dragon and Neptune is going home to Pisces in February ? !
WoOo HoOo !
Sounds great to me !  (click here for Neptune info)

Happy Chinese New Year !!


Year of the Manimal

Found these wonderful photographs by Daniel Lee  today.
 These are two examples of his amazing photographic representations (via computer manipulation) of each Chinese Zodiac MANimal.  Please click on the link to Daniel above to see them all, they are fabulous !

 We are now in the year of the Rabbit until January 23 of 2012, when we will enter the year of the dragon.
Dragons are creative, free, uninhibited, naturally confident and showy.

 2012 will be a Water Dragon year which will make dragon more perceptive and patient.  They are likely to be highly involved with others, and advocating justice.  Water dragons are drawn to visionary metaphysical works.

(click here – in depth post on Water Dragon year)

Neptune (film, inspired art) is trine Venus ruled Libra today, the Sun is shining there on the house of artwork (Saturn is conjunct Sun and rules work- Venus rules art) and beauty.  Perfect example of Neptune (film) in the sign of Aquarius (the odd portraits, inspired photography via computer manipulations) !
Enjoy the photographs ~