Year of the Manimal

Found these wonderful photographs by Daniel Lee  today.
 These are two examples of his amazing photographic representations (via computer manipulation) of each Chinese Zodiac MANimal.  Please click on the link to Daniel above to see them all, they are fabulous !

 We are now in the year of the Rabbit until January 23 of 2012, when we will enter the year of the dragon.
Dragons are creative, free, uninhibited, naturally confident and showy.

 2012 will be a Water Dragon year which will make dragon more perceptive and patient.  They are likely to be highly involved with others, and advocating justice.  Water dragons are drawn to visionary metaphysical works.

(click here – in depth post on Water Dragon year)

Neptune (film, inspired art) is trine Venus ruled Libra today, the Sun is shining there on the house of artwork (Saturn is conjunct Sun and rules work- Venus rules art) and beauty.  Perfect example of Neptune (film) in the sign of Aquarius (the odd portraits, inspired photography via computer manipulations) !
Enjoy the photographs ~