Crazy eclipsing here at chez metamorph moon.  Having a serious dark moon power down leading to New Moon Toro eclipse at 19 degrees info here.

19 degrees puts it near my 4th house natal moon, opposite my Scorp Neptuner, trine my Pluto … so of course animal totem steps up to the plate to deliver a message.
Crayfish ruled by Moon, Cancer, Scorpio

 Deep significance of shrooming – it’s a family (Moon) tradition, and hunting with my dad is one of my earliest memories. I’ll leave it at that.  My Plutonics know what this means to me, it involves quite a lot of Neptune and Saturn Rx as well.
You know who you are.

Balance issues are common during eclipses while fluctuations and culminations  come to a head and fade…waiting for another planet to cross the eclipse degree and add their flavor to the eclipse gumbo. Eclipses are active for several weeks before and after the time of eclipse – sometimes months.  The extent of the changes these 3 eclipses mean for each of us may not be crystal clear for some time yet…

Here’s the crawdaddy I spotted.
Missing one antenna that is used for tasting and touch and balance.
Spot-on for sensate Venus – ruled Toro, yes ?
Balance in flux.

Fresh water animal totem = Lunar Cycles – crustacean – hard protective shell, bottom dwelling.  Muddy emotional waters made clean, pressure likely, scavenging for revelations in the deep psyche, discovering hidden assets, raw power of regeneration

Note that the exoskeleton is often outgrown, so crawdaddy goes into molting stage – sheds the outgrown shell, and grows a new one. For a few days following each molt, crayfish have soft exoskeletons and are more vulnerable to predators.
Sound like dark moon lead in to an Eclipse anyone ?

Crawdaddy and I made friends, we hung out a bit, and I asked crawdaddy to show me some Scorp stuff by hanging on to a stick.  I was thinking of all the things in my past I cling to – which New Moon is calling me to release.

Eclipse energies features
Sun/Moon at 19 degrees Toro (Venus-rules), Mars at 14, Merc at 17
all loosely opposite Saturn Rx in Scorp
while Capricorn Pluto trines Mars, Mercury Moon and Sun.

Read Toro eclipse info here.

I am Plutonic, younger dude I was with has a packed 8th house including Venus cazimi, we have an exact Moon Mars conj in Toro and crawdaddy crustacean shows up – irony much ?  I can’t make this shit up.  If it’s cosmic, it’s comic !

Take stock of what to keep and what to lose – this eclipse is with New Toro Moon.

Dark Moons are times of release, which is the next few days leading up to the eclipse.
New Moon is fab for starting projects you want to grow as the moon grows to full.

Note: the next eclipse is a full moon in Expansive Sagittarius.  info here.

ps. the title includes a Helen Keller ref. – shero of mine because she overcame enormous difficulties climbing from silent darkness into the light of communication.

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