deep breathing, forced growth

Into the Sun – Heni Sandoval

May 9
New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse Taurus at 19 degrees
Venus, Mercury Lords;
 (Mars conjunct) dragon’s tail.

What was ours at last eclipse fluctuates :: desires are now haves :: Halves, perhaps ?  Most probably if executed well…partnerships are REBIRTHING. 
Taurean sensibilities are geared towards SHEDDING the PAST while Dragon’s tail is near the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Dragon’s tail indicates Karmic Balancing is in play.
PAST figures heavily – past loves, money, any and all attractors are high with this plethora of Venusian energy.

Dragon’s tail eclipse indicates culmination and conclusion while also leading us into our future – – the cyclical circle, the wheel of life continues to turn. . . .

Feet are in two worlds – blending into harmony.
Metamorphosis of dualities into ONE future.

New Moon (conjunct Sun – all new moons are conjunct Sun) is particularly geared for understanding developing relationships and creatively loving the seed of willpower that lies deep within ourselves.

Although every moment holds the promise of change, New Moons accentuate this promise, they urge us forward in the process by holding up the mirror to ourselves.

During New Moons we (conscious – solar / subconscious – lunar) are side by side looking into the mirror : two FEELS more like ONE.  Instinct and will are a team, setting intentions for growth during the coming lunar cycle.

New Moons force us to grow into the knowledge of the next full moon.

What is Toro New Moon Eclipse for us …?
Think balance: communication, love, money, gearing action towards future goals.
THINK BIG – Full Moon in Sag is UP NEXT with eclipse to boot.


Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars ALL trine Pluto Rx in Cap at eclipse as Pluto sextiles Saturn Rx in mutual reception to boot.

The past present future are ALL ONE.
Time is circular rather than linear.


Latent comms are highlighted, much unsaid – read your senses !
Third eye Eclipse- intuition, go with your Clairs.

Heal your past – quietly, subtly. 

Four on the floor slowly metamophs into hit the pavement burning tread as the square heats up and the Sagittarius eclipse energy manifests and shifts.

May 25

Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius
more on that
here, and later…

May 21
Uranus Pluto Square exact:

Uranus at 11 degrees Aries 
Pluto Rx at 11 degrees Capricorn

Full Tilt Boogie World-Wide Communications.
Information dispersal – rocks the emotional boat.
 Balance is craved: bob & weave – consider juggling skills primo.
Sun, Mercury Venus and Jupiter in Gemini
Thinking and Learning and Communication
 ::: TALKING the dualities through until you SEE how to WALK them :::