Bonds of Love

The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus
His natal interp here.
Intent: clarity for all my readers bringing most benevolent outcome for ALL.

First card: What to work on Metamorphing – Saturn Rx in Scorp

Postulant of Stars
Discipline and the handling of it – this young friar is in arduous training, occasionally wants to flee but is unable.  Wants to progress, yet not seasoned enough to offer sage advice.
Saturn Rx in Scorp leads us to re-think our goals of working in service in a group or renegade lone wolf.  Fortelling tongue must be tempered with justice, balance, kindness.

Second card: How to best metamorph it – Pluto trines to Taurus

Holy Grail of Love –  Use heart energy to engage emotional, spiritual beginnings.
Fertility of all the elements – primarily water – family, home, generosity.
Nurturing growth.  Inspiration.  Transcendence.

Third card: New visions – Eclipse with New Moon in Taurus

When Venus is covered by the Sun,
Then beneath its splendor will it be hidden.
::: Quatrain IV:28 :::

A fire energy which is doubly potent as it is ruled by the astrological sun, the III of Suns is movement into new dimensions, discovery and fresh waters.  Cultivate relationships with those who support you, partner energies with their work.  Work, love, business and financial goals will grow with these bonds in place.


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