Other Side

Y’all know Pluto rules birth, death, rebirth right ?

SoOo how y’all doin’ ?
Hanging in ok…?…
Me !?
Moon in Toro, what can I say
? cry, horror queen scream, or pitch a fit and throw things ?
Why choose ?!
Enjoy them all cause they are likely coming up and this is a good thing – clear the muck.  
Eons of muck.

The other day wrote this:
Today I add this:
House Capricorn is the Volcano – old stuff come home to roost LABOR
House Aries is the Magma – GROWTH via Plutonic pain, pain and MORE PAIN
House Scorpio is our paydirt – rebirth from the depths of death – LIFE

Pluto is the metamorphosis that entangles and fuses all of them into
a brand new shiny SHINY !
House Cap and Pluto is where we are humpin’ and bumpin’, crackin’ the whip, where the stagecoach is draggin us behind the wagon in the dirt.
House Cap and Pluto is where we are digging our spurs in, riding the big comet, steering her for all we are worth.
You Choose, always.The stars, planets, and Luminaries, asteroids and space dust influence us forward, but we all CHOOSE how we DEAL.

Lately I am getting Plutonic movie ref’s like mad.
Symptom of overactive Sun/Uranus Pluto in Virgo thinking wheel is on overdrive
Plus all the Toro action opposes my Neptuner film geek

Ryan Gosling in The Notebook –
When I see something I like, I gotta have it… I love it.

Lloyd Dobbler in Say Anything as The Keymaster
You ! Must ! CHILL !

Obviously, my Looney Lunar Mood Swings of Plutonic Power are Firing Full Throttle.
oh, yeah…one more thing.

Don’t forget to breathe !
(Didn’t Jane Fonda drive us batty in the 80’s saying it ?)
Like we will forget.?!

…but actually when so much is coming down the pike – it IS worth mentioning.
This, I know is one of the lessons of Jupiter in Gemini at the mo.
Peace out peeps

I ain’t broke, but I’m badly bent – Team Drink

2 thoughts on “Other Side

  1. Love the post, and the image!

    I hope that you are doing well! It was slow after the New Moon in Aries, but the Solar Eclipse in Taurus has given the green light, again.

    Pluto in Leo (3rd) is ready for a new creative birth!

    • Hi Ace, great to hear from you !
      Thanks, I feel like I am birthing ideas like firecrackers and holy cow. heh. family is on the horn continually this week with news of some kind or another.
      (Moon in Toro 4)

      Creative birthing rockets set to territories unexplored, doula on duty at GMA.
      I look forward to what you manifest for us !

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