Hello everyone
Extremely busy, day job is in full swing as is the moonlighting.

Waning Moon in Pisces while Mars is trine Pluto Rx earth to earth – great time to renovate attitudes/altitudes – haha typo – altidudes – take yer pick !
Go for self-care, self-esteem, and re-evaluate ♥$ worth $♥. 

Saturn Rx trine Neptune calls for intuition regarding endings and rebirthings –
ALL ONE.  Everything stays, it just changes form.
Choose how and what you metamorph to create your reality.
Dream it, then BE IT – that is the gift of Saturn and Neptune working together.

We have a boatload of Taurus at the moment. 
Taurus rules the throat.
Take time to consider the vibration your voice makes in your world which ripples out into our world.