solemnly swear

heh. pssst. . . . ya know Jupiter is off sneaking around unattended.
In the sign of doubles – heh. yah ! . . . jus’ sayin ‘ !

Wednesday 1
Moon into Aquarius
9:20am CST, USA

Mercury into Taurus
10:37am CST, USA

Beltane (by the Gregorian Calendar, May 1st) is astrologically at 16 degrees Taurus, May 5th.
Northern hemisphere celebrates longer days signaling spring, while Southern Hemisphere feels the long summer days of Sun dwindle into long nights of fall harvest.

Went poking around in archives and found some magickal change rituals to get your mojo rising, additional links within links as well…

Mercury moves from Aries into Taurus
WhoOoHoOo party town !
Venus, Sun, Mars and Mercury – ALL in Toro

Wednesday 8
Moon party crashes Toro


May 9
New Moon In Taurus

New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse
9:55pm CST, USA
Taurus at 19 degrees here.

C’mon baby let’s get personal.  I really like you, I mean it.
I’ve never met anyone like you. (since year before last) *
?! No !?
C’mon baby dark moon – oh look eclipse ! MmMmwhas oxoxo
heh… Sweet talk Veenie while she is in relaxed and in home turf…

She heads into Gemini
Thursday 9
10:03am CST, USA

Then she’ll be doin’ the talkin’ and then some.

Mercury takes roughly 88 days; Venus 225; Mars 688 days* to traverse the wheel of life.
Planets closest to the SUN we feel more – they are therefore – personal planets.
They move fast we feel them acutely !

Weird little fizz down we got goin’ this waning moon – spring frogs in my neck of the woods are bree-ee-eeing their little hearts out for cutie pie metamorph next door.
Hey babe hey babe hey batter batter battah shwing battah !
I say weird fizz down because the air and earth is PoPing with Eclipse energies.

Shifts and changes in FIXED, FIXED, MUTABLE
How does a FIXED sign shift gears – haha good one ! 
WTF knows – switch obsessions most likely.
 For the record: Toro, Leo, Scorp, Aqua = fixety, fixed, fixola

1st eclipse in Scorp,
2nd in Toro,
3rd in Sag which is hooRAY a mutable switch – hitter

May 21
Uranus Pluto Square exact:
Uranus at 11 degrees Aries
Pluto Rx at 11 degrees Capricorn

Sagittarius Expansion Full MoOonie May 25
11:10am CST, USA

Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius
EmoOootional expansion looms large – think intuition, compassion and delving deep via enthusiastic exploration.  Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius is surely a test of faith, expansion in love, money and philosophical communications with a bent toward healing via fellowship. Ego and work will be hardcore shifts on this one – strange alliances will be your emotional redemption.

Why you wonder do I mention free agent Jupiter ?
They can get into some fun ass trouble now.
You KNOW what I’m talkin’ ’bout.
uh huh !

cheers !