Hoopy Frood Hobbit

martin-freemanMartin Freeman

There was a flurry of texting with my former husband when The Hobbit casting was announced.  I was rattling off the return of Ian, Andy, Orli and even Elijah, who is being written in !  Then he asked Who’s Bilbo ?  I was rambling about rumored talks with James McAvoy when the news hit.  In bubbly geekspeak excitement all I could pop out was Dent. Arthur Dent !  YaY !  Excellent choice ! 

Martin is a Virgo Sun conjunct Venus which is beneficial twice over, though less so when Venus is in its fall (opposite its exaltation) working harder/born into compromise.  Both benefics squaring Saturn in Gemini indicate a sharp mind/tongue/wit learned through restraint and obstacles of both the mind and communication.  It is a placement of learning focused self-expression/discipline re: love, money, balance and diplomacy.

Mars conjunct North Node of Destiny in Aquarius is the powerful knowing of an intellectual innovator that acts/reacts* (Mars/Mercury, respectively) fully on instinct.
Martin has a Grand Air Trine with Mars/NNode, Uranus in Libra and Saturn in Gemini.

Uranus/Saturn/Mars NNode circulates social/generational stream of consciousness  ideas – while driving action to change.  Keep the best and fuck the rest kind of thinking.
Saturn loves traditional think – boho Uranus in Libra upsets the popular balance, while Mars in Aquarius does the unexpected by harmonizing both via change. 


Leo Mercury is focal point of a T-Square * between Saturn in Gemini opposite Scorpio Jupiter conjunct Neptune (out of sign; 29 and 0 degrees respectively) in Sagittarius.  Clever, creative ideas are prolific, though the expression/execution may be slow to manifest recognition.

Benefic 29 degree Scorpio Jupiter is luck high when death is nigh.  Particularly when it sextiles 29 degree Virgo Pluto which is in good aspect to Saturn.  Transformative communications are the crucible to regenerative relationships, especially regarding work.
Note 29 Scorpio Jupiter/0 Sagittarius Neptune conjunction (death luck/suffering via travels; respectively) sextile 29 Virgo Pluto alludes to Bilbo’s chance of protection from the evils of the Ring of Power.  Culmination degrees are saturated with the vibration of that planet/sign.

Bilbo out riddles the Sphinx (asteroid 896) of Middle Earth – by facing challenges, guarding life, keeping secrets and using timely revelations.  Riddles are ruled by Pluto/Neptune and imho Mercury.  Martin’s focal Leo Mercury cleverly navigates a path through trick questions in order to escape from the cave (Saturn) alive.

Martin also has spiritual gifts ala Venus and Mars: both quintile Jupiter and Neptune; Venus from Earth, Mars from Air.  Specialized talents are present with all, but the finest expression is Mars Fire on Aquarius Air with North Node of Destiny.  The elements are compatible and will operate smoothly. Venus attracts while Mars is outgoing, both in quintile to a tight Jupiter/Neptune conjunction indicates artistic inclination, a talent for giving/receiving unusual communications, particularly on film (Neptune).

Asteroid Bilbo is 2991.  Currently at 8 Sagittarius.
Bilbo was discovered in a sky of 6 retrogrades: Mars on out to Pluto – all in inward (yin) revision mode.  Bilbo was tightly conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio both opposite Taurus Sun and Mercury indicating slow going peace talks re: personal and shared possessions.
Venus was in Pisces (exalted) quincunx Saturn in Libra.  Interesting as the quincunx deals with both health and change of character – altitude adjustments.  Consider the ring (Venus is jewelry) of power that did indeed prolong life, but at a cost of Bilbo’s mental health.
FYI: Martin has Bilbo at 27 Libra which may be opposite his moon which is either late Aries or early Taurus, but I don’t have his time of birth, so I cannot say.

peace out
Gneiss Moon