hold onto your towel

December 10. 2011

Uranus direct zero Degrees Aries at 1:04 am, CST, USA
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Full Lunar Eclipse 18 degrees Gemini: 8:36 am, CST, USA
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Gemini, the twins has had me thinking of Zaphod Beeblebrox all week long !  One of my favorite books ever, cracks me right UP ~
every. time.
So you know Zaphod has two heads right ?! and he stole the Infinite Improbability Drive starship ?!
Hitchhikers is weird ! and brilliant ! and of course, I LOVE IT
Here’s the scene that I’ve been thinking of concerning Uranian brainstorms direct ~

If you haven’t read the books, at least watch the movie – ahem.
~> Sam Rockwell <~
and ~ Martin Freeman (Bilbo !)
and so many more greats including petunias !

Happy Eclipse and Uranus direct lovely readers, thanks for showing up to the party !


2 thoughts on “hold onto your towel

  1. hi, i just wanted some clarity. its my understanding that uranus goes direct on the 13th, just after mercury, also on the 13th…

    brilliant site you have. a perfect place for soul food.

    • Welcome Mary Beth,
      Uranus went direct 1:05 AM CST, USA on Saturday the 10th at 0 degreees 38′ Aries. Just prior to the full lunar eclipse at 18 degrees 08′ Gemini at 8:32 AM, CST, USA. Mercury goes direct 3 degees 51′ Sagittarius on Tuesday December 13 at 7:43PM CST, USA. Jupiter goes direct on Sunday the 25th at 4:08 PM CST, USA at 0 degree 22′ Taurus. Hope that helps you plan ahead. I will be posting about these transits in the near future.
      Glad you enjoy the soul food, that’s fab ! Thank you ~

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