Tonights sky

Moon and Jupiter conjunct in Taurus in a Grand Earth Trine
with Mars in Virgo and Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Slow and sweet as molasses right now…..enjoy it while it lasts.

Hold your toes steady on the Venus balance beam.
(Saturn is in Venus ruled Libra opposite -(compromise)- Venus ruled Taurus)

Take a deep breath ~ be limber and  strong  ~> radical Uranus dismount & Full Lunar Eclipse on the 10th.

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presto change – o

Venus (love, art) is cozing right up onto Pluto’s (sex, morph) lap in Capricorn (earth, clay !) & they are in a grand earth trine with Jupiter (it ahem, expands) in sensual Taurus, and Mars (desire) is in Virgo (the Virgin ha, yeah right !) and ummm, earthy signs, are well… e a r t h y

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