good fortune

Well…no wonder I love fortune cookies !
Cookies are Venus and Jupiter ruled – both of which I have in the 8th house.

The 8th house is the natural house of Scorpios – secret compartment freaks~
!? whats inside ?! 
I have fun-loving Leo there, and we LOVE toys and games.

Surprises are Uranus which I have conjunct Sun (gifts) and my Uranus is conjunct destructive Pluto.
Destroy cookie, get curious surpise ~ancient wisdom ~
All of these planets in my chart are in aspect to Neptune or fortunes !
nom nom nom

I made them once for my ex-boyfriend and sadly, they turned out like greasy little pancakes.
(He scored points by eating them anyway )
I still write my own fortunes.  I accidentally got a hilarious translation a few years ago when my document margins slipped, and two fortunes got smooshed together.
It read:    You will soon see a rare bird.  Dinner !

The history of the fortune cookie is fascinating…did you know they used to be tucked in the crack, not inside ?!
The fortune above is beautiful, yes ?!
Fortune cookie researcher, Yasuko Nakamachi, a Japanese grad student, found the cookie’s Japanese origins, in an illustration from a 19th-century book of stories, “Moshiogusa Kinsei Kidan.”  A character in one of the tales is an apprentice in a senbei store.

In Japan, the cookies are called, variously, tsujiura senbei (“fortune crackers”), omikuji senbei (“written fortune crackers”), and suzu senbei (“bell crackers”).