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“I created this work for the means of an interface to the people who are yet to know of the extremely grave, but present problem of the world.” ~ Japanese artist Isao HASHIMOTO
Each nation gets a blip and a flashing dot on the map whenever they detonate a nuclear weapon, with a running tally kept on the top and bottom bars of the screen.

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Tonight’s sky… three planets are at the 29th degree, the degree of saturation, culmination.

Sun is awareness -presently in Capricorn (self- interest), soon moving into progressive Aquarius (Earth tribe).

Saturn is Earth- presently on the scales of Libra (cooperation), soon moving under the scrutiny of powerful Scorpio.

Neptune is spiritual intelligence- presently in eccentric Aquarius, soon drifting home to the healing waters of Pisces.

This sky feels heavy.  I have natal Sun at 29 degrees.
The world is sick. I am sick, and my cat is sick.
When I am feeling better, I will discuss the 29th degree more fully.

Transit Mars is in my Virgo house (pets) activating my stellium (Sun/Uran/Pluto), transit Mars is also activating my natal Neptuner (which happens to be conjunct all my Egyptian kitty cat asteroids- and opposite my Leo stuff.)

As I write this, Saggo Moon is quintile Neptune and Mercury is quintile Uranus.

Please join me in dark moon blessing for our Mother Earth and all Earthkind.
We depend on Gaia, we must defend her as well.

The New Moon is Monday in Aquarius.
Visualize, initiate and manifest changes that will heal.

New Moon in Aquarius is an electric, magnetic vibe

Moon rules the public.
All one.

As our Moon and our blessings grow to full ~ our collective thought energies will create change.

om mani padme hum

quiet moon

It’s a dark void moon in the sign of Cancer.
The moon rules Cancer which is a yin, or passive water sign.  People with strong Cancer in their chart tend to be quiet, moody, love home, family, cooking and gardening.  These energies or moods may be swaying your emotions on the moons 2 day stay in this sign.

The dark moon is a quiet time of incubation and preparation for the future.  (Visualize garden seeds underground sprouting.)  It’s also a good time for some house-witchery cleaning of the corners; setting goals and using energies for manifesting the most positive future that will be growing with the moon as it reaches its full moon potential.

Presently it is also a void of course moon (a moon making no significant aspects before leaving the sign it’s in) which is a period of wait-and-see, do nothing of importance while the moon, emotions, or any other moon ruled issues are adrift (void) and hidden (dark).  Traditionally astrologers believe actions taken during void moons will not come to fruition as planned, or not at all.  I suggest caution, see how the void moon works for you in your life.
(The New Moon breathes in some fire in Leo at 1:16 pm CST USA on the 30th)

So let’s all order pizza and watch movies in the dark, I’ll light the candles and the musky incense …
The Lunarium Universal Calendar in the astrology links can be adjusted to your time zone world-wide.  Great for lunar info, including void of course moons.