Fuel 4 The Work


September 22
7:37pm Chicago

Pluto stations direct at 11 degrees Capricorn moving in for another exact square with Uranus on December 15.
Uranus then stations direct on December 21 at 12 degrees before they meet up again in March on the 17th at 15 degrees.

Pluto stations direct in aspect to Chiron – an opportunity for recalibrating emotional reactions to old wounds and the way we work with them is on the table.  A dramatic shift of altitude and the accompanying positive energy exchanges that result from Knowing What Works will be incoming.

Pluto re-applies in square to Uranus while Uranus trines Jupiter from fire to fire.
Fuel for the Work.
Inspiration, brainstorms, creativity and sweat.

Pluto turning inward furrowed our brows with powerful concerns of: moving UP.

Work or Home, Me or Us, or Dealing with Everyone Else.
Power plays of all types, enhanced by your house placement.

Daily work done cleaning your slate, clearing your ledger and the grunt work that improved the bottom board basics in your life will begin to pay off now.
When you better Know the Desired Goal, you can more quickly reach it.

Degrees near this station +/- 7 will feel the power shift outward.  
Particularly those in the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
An opportunity quickly arises for those same degrees in Scorpio and Pisces.


Seven hits of Uranus square Pluto as follows:
1. 06 2012 – Pluto Rx – 8 degrees
2. 09 2012 Uranus Rx – 6 degrees
3. 05 2013 Pluto Rx – 11 degrees
4. 11 2013 Uranus Rx – 9 degrees

5. 04 21 2014 Pluto Rx – 13 degrees 
6. 12 15 2014 Uranus Rx – 12 degrees 
7. 03 17 2015 Both Direct – 15 degrees 

Uranus transits here.
Pluto transits here.

Peace out
Gneiss Moon